10 Quick Steps to Change Notification Sound on Facebook Messenger

The use of messenger is greatly aided by the presence of audible alerts. The user is given the option of customizing the alert tones. Changing your Messenger notification sound is the procedure for making it unique to you. Users can choose from a variety of different alert tones when customizing their device’s notification system. It’s an easy process to follow. So, if you want to alter Messenger’s alert tone, you can do so by following the instructions here.

How to Change Notification Sound on Messenger! (Video)

Steps to change notification sound in messenger

The Messenger app is first opened:Launch Messenger before making any adjustments to the notification sound. This can be done by launching the app from the phone’s main menu. Follow the arrow until you reach the messenger icon among the other apps. Simply tapping the Messenger icon will open the app.Change notification sound on messenger

2. Select the “Profile” icon:When you launch the Messenger app, you’ll see the interface depicted below. Messenger’s main interface looks like this. You can find a variety of choices in these areas:

  • All of our recent conversations with pals are listed below.
  • The current list of online users
  • The newest addition to online communication
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Find your Profile picture on the main menu. The profile picture is located in the upper left corner of the display, as shown in the image. Click once on this profile picture. This area stands in for your actual profile.

Change notification sound on messenger

In Step 3, choose the Notification and sounds option:When you click on your name below, a window will open to your profile. As choices, you can expect to see things like

  • Present condition
  • Username
  • Data-saving device

The Notifications and Sounds option is included here as well. Find the option, and then tap it once to bring up Messenger’s notification and sound controls. All of the Messenger app’s sound and notification preferences can be adjusted here.Change notification sound on messenger

4. Select the sound that will play when a notification is received:When you access Messenger’s Notification and sounds section, you’ll see the window shown below. All of the settings for alerts, such as the alert lamp and the story alert, can be found here. Find the option to enable the sound for notifications, as depicted in the image. You can change the sound of notifications with a single tap.Change notification sound on messenger

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5. Decide on a Suitable Noise:If you tap the notification sound option, a window will appear as shown. Options for alert tones will appear in a pop-up menu. To hear a preview of each sound, simply tap on its name. Verify that neither the ringer nor the vibrate settings on your phone are active. Listen to a sufficient number of samples to make a decision.Change notification sound on messenger

Select the OK button (6):You can then select your preferred Sound. To do this, scroll down to the very bottom of the screen and click the OK button. If you want to use the sound as a notification, tapping this option will make it official. When you’ve made a decision you’re happy with, click the OK button. You can listen to as many samples as you like before deciding which one you like best.Change notification sound on messengerChange notification sound on messenger

Seventh, verify the updated Notification tone:Assuming you have completed the aforementioned procedures, you will be prompted to confirm the update. After this, you will be taken straight back to the previous window. Navigate back to the menu and select the Notification sound option this time. Choose a sound to play when a notification arrives, and its name will appear below the Notification sound option. Verify that the sound you selected is listed as the option’s name under the Notification sound menu.Change notification sound on messenger

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As a result, Messenger allows its users to customize the accompanying sound for such alerts. The instructions in this article must be followed in order for the user to succeed. The method is straightforward and easy to carry out. There is no major difficulty, and the procedure is straightforward. It’s a crucial feature that users have at their disposal thanks to messenger. The ability to tailor message alerts to each individual’s preferences is a major perk.

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