3 Easy Way to Sign Out Amazon Prime

If you’re looking for a digital entertainment service, there’s none more widely used than Amazon Prime. They supply the amusement in the form of television shows and films. Confidentiality is a valid worry. Leaving your account inaccessible to others is as simple as logging out. Let’s check out how to cancel Amazon Prime membership.

Steps to sign out Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Leaving your Amazon Prime session is a breeze. Quick instructions are available on an Amazon Prime video clip.

How to sign out Amazon Prime on Android

For those who own an Android device, you can now access Amazon Prime. Leaving Amazon Prime is as simple as signing out.

Step by step instructions are as follows.

  1. Launch Amazon Prime:Release the Amazon Prime app.
  2. After selecting the sign-in option:Select the sign in button and finish the process. If you are a Prime member, your Amazon.com ID is also your membership ID.
  3. Simply select “settings” from the menu.To adjust preferences, select “settings” from the menu that appears.
  4. Select the “signed in as” option:Pick the “signed in as” menu item from the available alternatives. The’signed in as’ option will reveal your identity.
  5. Select the logout option:To log out completely, select the sign-out link and tap it.
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You have successfully signed out of Amazon Prime.

How to sign out Amazon Prime on iPhone

Your iPhone can also access Amazon Prime. Terminating your Amazon Prime membership is a breeze.

Quickly refer to these steps:

  1. Access Amazon Prime:Bring up the Amazon Prime app.
  2. Fill out the “Sign in” form:Just log in by clicking the sign up button. If you are a Prime member, your Amazon.com ID is also your membership ID.
  3. Choose the “Settings” menu option:Select “settings” from the menu that appears.
  4. Pick the “my account” option:To access your account, click the “my account” link.
  5. Simply selecting the “sign out” option and tapping it will successfully end your session.

You have successfully logged out of Prime.

How to sign out from Amazon Prime on desktop

You can also use Amazon Prime on your computer. In order to cancel your Amazon Prime membership, all you need to do is click a button.

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Here are the simple steps:

  1. Start up your web browser and read this:Fire up your browser of choice.
  2. The Prime membership of Amazon.com must be activated.Check out the Amazon Prime page.
  3. To adjust your preferences, select:To adjust preferences, click the gear icon.
  4. The following should be clicked on your respective devices:To access your devices, select that option.
  5. Locate your gadget:Browse the list of registered gadgets to locate yours.
  6. De-registering is as simple as clicking a button.Select the “deregister” button next to the name of your device.

Your Prime Video session has expired.

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