3 Fastest Ways to Send Message Anybody On TikTok (with Pictures)

Users of TikTok have the option of contacting one another via private messages. Because of this, you have the opportunity to connect with other artists, friends, etc. TikTok’s message-sending options include the three that I’ll describe below.

How To Send a DM On TikTok!

Send message on TikTok (Method-1)

To begin with, you should release TikTok:To begin composing a message on TikTok, you must first open the app by tapping its icon in your app drawer or on your home screen. The image below depicts the trademark TikTok icon that will be used to represent the app. Click the icon once to launch.send message on TikTok

2. Choose the user’s profile picture:TikTok allows you to communicate with other users directly through their shared content. To view the profile of a user in any post they have made, simply open the post and click on the user’s avatar. The menu choices can be found on the screen’s right side. If you click on this link, you will be taken straight to that user’s profile.send message on tiktok

3. Select the options from the menu with three dots:Below is an illustration of the three-dot menu that appears when you visit a user’s profile. This is the user’s account settings menu. If you tap on it once, a menu will slide out from the side.send message on tiktok

After that, select “Message”:The correct choice must then be made from the resulting drop-down menu. As can be seen in the image, the message-sending option is found at the very end of the menu. Use a single tap to instantly communicate with the user.send message on tiktok

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5. Enter the necessary text:After clicking the “Message” button, you’ll be taken to the conversation window. Your message will be delivered here. As shown in the image below, there is a text box where you can type your message. If you tap this option once, the keypad will open up immediately. Afterward, you can enter any text you like.send message on tiktok

Convey the message, number six:After finishing your message, you can quickly send it by selecting the “Send” button in the lower right corner of the screen. It only takes one tap to send the message to the recipient.send message on tiktok

Send message on TikTok (Method-2)

In this approach, you can communicate with the desired user by simply following them. If you want to contact someone on TikTok, just follow the instructions below.

To begin with, stick with the specific user:As a first step, you must follow the person you wish to contact. In the search bar, type the person’s name, and then tap on the first search result to access that person’s account. Follow the steps below to activate your new account. You can now follow the user by selecting the red “Follow” button that appears just below their account data, as shown in the image.send message on tiktok

To send a message, 2nd-time user:After you have followed the user, the red “Follow” button will be replaced by a blue “Message” button, as shown in the image below. When the option to send a message appears, tap it to start composing a message to this user.send message on tiktok

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3. Enter the following text into your computer:When you click the message button, a window like the one in the picture below will open from which you can send the message. A message can be composed by selecting the “Send a message” option, as shown below, and then beginning to type. Inputting this will bring up the keypad so you can quickly compose your message.send message on tiktok

Deliver the message:Once you have finished writing your message, you can send it by selecting the send button that appears just above the message box. This concept is depicted by a paper rocket in a fiery red color. A single tap will send the requested message.send message on tiktok

Send Direct message on TikTok (Method-3)

This approach will allow you to communicate with others on TikTok via private messages. To send a message using this method, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Visit the Notifications page.In order to access your notifications, you must first navigate away from the Feed, where TikTok will initially launch. As shown in the image below, you can access notifications by tapping the notification option at the bottom of the screen, close to the “ ” icon.send message on tiktok

2. Select the icon labeled “Direct Messages”:You can check your direct messages by going to your notifications tab, and then scrolling down to the bottom. To access this, you’ll need to use the Drawer/Folder icon located in the upper right corner of the display, as depicted in the following image.send message on tiktok

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3. Click the plus sign () next to “New message”:To start a new direct message, click the “New message” button at the top of the screen. You can do this by tapping the plus sign ( ) in the upper right corner of the screen, as depicted in the following image.send message on tiktok

Step 4: Pick the contact you’d like to communicate with:Selecting the new message option will bring up a list of the people you’ve chosen to follow. in which you can pick the recipients for your message. A user can be chosen by either scrolling through the list or by using the search bar at the top of the screen. Select the user you want to contact by tapping on their profile.send message on tiktok

5. Enter the following text:After making your user selection, you’ll be taken to the screen in the following image. You will need to start typing your message as soon as you reach this screen. Click the “send a message” button at the bottom of the screen. Once you select this option, the keypad will open up and you can start typing your message.send message on tiktok

6. Spread the word:After finishing your message, hit the send button. There is only one tap required to send the message. There’s a little red paper airplane icon in the corner that you can use to send something.send message on tiktok

Consequently, this is how you communicate via TikTok. Three simple methods exist for achieving this goal. Any user can be contacted by following the instructions given above.

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