4 Simple Ways to Watch Amazon Prime Live TV

Amazon Prime now has a live TV option, so you can watch shows and movies as they air. Amazon Prime now includes access to live TV. As soon as content is published to Prime, it can be easily accessed by anyone.

Let’s check out how to use Amazon Prime to stream live television.

Start by learning, if you haven’t already, how to watch Amazon Prime on your TV without a Fire stick.

Get Prime video app on Samsung TV

Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Smart Hub, Open It:On the remote, press the “Smart Hub” button.
  2. Pick Samsung’s in-house AppsSelect Samsung apps on Smart Hub.
  3. Go with a Prime Video selection on Amazon:Now open the Amazon Prime Video app.

Get Amazon Prime on Sony TVs

Sony televisions support the Amazon Prime Video app. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Launch “Home”:Put your TV’s “Home” button in the on position.
  2. Get the featured apps open:Click the “featured apps” option now.
  3. Just click “prime video”:In apps, select Prime Video.
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Get Prime app on LED TVs

The LG Content Store is where you can find the Prime Video app. Check out the following methods for downloading this app:

  1. Download my apps, pleaseUse the remote’s “My Apps” button to access your installed programs.
  2. Select a Prime Video Title:Select Prime Video from the app menu.

Steps to watch Amazon Prime live TV

Using the Prime app built into your fire stick, you can watch live TV. Check out the simple instructions below. Let’s dive into how to watch Amazon Prime’s live TV offerings. Check out the simple steps:

  1. Prime Open:Launch Amazon’s streaming service, Prime Instant Video.
  2. Instalation of AntennaElevate your digital antenna.
  3. Join the antenna:The RF input on the back of your TV should be connected to the antenna. Use a coaxial cable.
  4. Open the main menu:View the main menu of your Fire TV.
  5. Make some selections:Choose options in the menu bar.
  6. Go with “live TV” if you want to:Just go with the live TV.
  7. Check the scans:To scan the channels, go to the “channel scan” menu.
  8. To watch a live broadcast, simply select the channel you prefer.Now, at the very top, are the currently airing live TV channels. Choose a channel and begin watching live TV.
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As such, you can use Amazon Prime to stream live television.

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