Can You Recover Deleted Pinterest Board?

Pinterest Board Recovery:By allowing users to “pin” any image they find interesting, Pinterest has attracted a massive user base. Pins and other forms of media content could be stored and managed in a centralized location.

recover deleted pinterest board

Have you ever accidentally removed a Pinterest board and wished you hadn’t?

Let’s look at what we can do to retrieve your lost or deleted Pinterest boards.

Can You Recover Deleted Pinterest Board?

When a Pinterest board is deleted, it is permanently gone. You may have seen this message if you’ve ever deleted a Pinterest board manually:If a board and all its Pins are deleted, they cannot be recovered.This warning would appear not once, but twice, before you could finally remove that Pinterest board.

recover deleted pinterest board

It’s clear from what you said that you can never get back your old Pinterest board.

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You can also find this same statement in the Pinterest help center, in case you haven’t already.A “…deleted pins or board cannot be recovered”

recover deleted pinterest board

However, there are actions you can take on your end to recover those boards if the Pinterest board disappeared from your account without your intervention.

Your first thought may be that you accidentally deleted the Pinterest boards because they are no longer visible to you. Yet the vast majority of Pinterest users have complained that their boards are mysteriously disappearing from the saved section.

As a result, there are approaches that may be able to help you even if a board is missing. In what follows, we’ll delve deeply into the various options available to you for retrieving your lost or stolen Pinterest boards.

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Pinterest Board Disappeared? Here’s How to Recover

1. Use Backup

The links to these backups are widely disseminated via email and social media among Pinterest’s user base. If you’re having trouble locating the missing planks, these resources can help. You can recover your lost pins by visiting the boards that were shared with you via email or social media.

You will see a message that says “the board you are trying to access is deleted” when you click on those links. There is a Restore button directly below this message. The Pinterest board can be reloaded from this location.

2. Use Different Pinterest Accounts

There is a good chance you have logged into a different Pinterest account, even if you don’t remember deleting the boards. In case that’s why your Pinterest board has disappeared or changed appearance, take heart! When searching for the right Pinterest account, you can use your email address to sign in to other accounts and browse through your options.

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3. Get Your Group Board Back

You may have been removed from a group board by the group admin or removed yourself from the board if you can’t find it on your dashboard after previously being a member. If you’ve been removed from the group board and need to re-join, just ask the administrator to add you.

Now let me tell you how:

  • Find the discussion group you’d like to join.
  • To request membership, select the corresponding button.
  • You’ll get a push notification as soon as your request is processed.
  • The group board is now open to you.

Closing Remarks:

If none of those options work, you can always see if a cached version exists. Your final option is data recovery software. There is no harm in giving these programs a try, as you never know if they will work.

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