Does Pubg Mobile have Controller Support? [Solved] 2023

Optimal Responses:

  1. Controller support is currently unavailable for PUBG Mobile on both Android and iOS.
  2. Some add-ons and gadgets can accomplish this, but they aren’t authorized by the service, so your account may prevent you from using them.
  3. There is no native support for controls in PUBG Mobile, so you’ll need to download the keymapper app to play.
  4. Because PUBG Mobile does not naturally support regulators, there has been no word on support just yet.
  5. For games like PUBG Mobile that don’t have controls built in, these apps can be very helpful by configuring the buttons on your controller to correspond with the actions you take in-game. Pubg Cross-Platform also allows you to play with your friends regardless of what platform they use.

How to Play Pubg Mobile with Controller Support


Does PUBG Mobile have Controller Support in 2022?

The PUBG Mobile Android and iOS apps do not support Bluetooth controls.

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This is possible with certain add-ons and hardware, but it isn’t guaranteed to work and your account provider may prevent you from using it.

How Can I Play With Controller Support on PUBG Mobile?

  1. Launch your preferred map key app and pair your controller to your device using Bluetooth or USB-C.
  2. The app should immediately recognize your control, and you can begin configuring your key combination or selecting a pre-set one.

Will the PUBG New State Have Controller Support?

We regret to inform you that Pubg New State does not facilitate the use of any external controls. Pubg New State lacks the standard support for game controllers found in other popular titles like Call of Duty: Mobile.

Since not everyone is used to the controls, it makes sense that they are not supported in the game.

Can I Play PUBG on a PC with a Controller?

  1. The Steam version of the game supports the use of compatible controls.
  2. The Steam client will open in a high-resolution mode.
  3. To alter preferences, click the cogwheel in the top right.
  4. Navigate to the menu item labeled “control” and make your adjustments there.
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Does BGMI Support the Controller?

The statement is true. In BGMI, you can use a controller. The inclusion of control support is a natural consequence of the game’s foundation in PUBG Mobile Dynamics.

Can I Play PUBG Mobile With Ps3 Control?

Having access to an administrator is not always possible. According to Tencent and Bluehole, PUBG Mobile does not officially support controls, mobile gamepads, or Bluetooth controllers on any iOS or Android device.

Can I Play PUBG Mobile With the Mouse?

  • If your smartphone has an OTG function, you can use a wireless mouse and keyboard to play Pubg on the go.
  • Using the OTG cable, a mouse can be connected to an Android device.
  • A cable is not included with your smartphone and must be purchased separately.

Can We Play PUBG on Android TV?

  • To connect your Android TV, open the “Account” menu (located in the lower-right corner of the display), select “Mirror Device,” and finally, select the “CAST SCREEN / AUDIO” icon.
  • When you’re all set up, your phone’s screen will appear on the big screen.
  • A mobile device can launch PUBG Mobile for TV play.
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