Easy way to change Gmail password on iPhone

Digital works in general raise privacy concerns. In the business world, Gmail has become indispensable. All official business is conducted via email. If you want to keep your Gmail account secure and you use an iPhone, you need to change your password. The iPhone makes it simple to alter your Gmail password. (Discover the best practices for altering your Gmail password on your computer and Android device.)

To answer the question of why we need to reset the password:

  • Problems with login occur when we forget your password.
  • When somebody else accesses your Google Mail account. Clearly, you give this a lot of thought.
  • At the point where you have gained access to another person’s computer or mobile device.

Changing or resetting your password is mandatory in these cases.



Steps to change Gmail password on iPhone:

When privacy is a major concern and you need to change the password, follow these steps. Even though you are aware of your existing password, you feel the need to alter it.

  1. Pull up your inbox in Gmail:Launch the Gmail app on your iOS device. Proceed to log in. You can get it for your iPhone or iPad if you have an Apple ID and use Mail.
  2. Launch your Google Mail client:The email address and password you entered are incorrect. Access your inbox by signing in.
  3. Select items from the menu by pressing the button with three horizontal bars.Select the menu icon (three vertical dots) in the upper left corner.
  4. Select “Preferences”:Find the’settings’ button at the app’s bottom and tap it.
  5. Select “edit your Google account settings”Select “manage your Google account” from the menu of choices.
  6. The’sign in security’ button should be tapped:Use the “sign in securely” menu item.
  7. Select “password”:Select the “password” menu item. Fill in the current password.
  8. Select the sign-in button:Select the “sign in” menu item.
  9. New passphrase:Enter the new password twice to make sure it is correct.
  10. Hover over “change password”:Confirm the new password by selecting it and tapping the corresponding button. You have successfully updated your password.
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You can’t alter your Gmail password while using Apple’s built-in Mail app on your iPhone. Your Apple ID. Consequently, it is strongly recommended that you utilize the Gmail app whenever you need to change any of your account’s settings, including resetting your password.

How to change Gmail password on iPhone if you have forgotten the password

There are times when we are unable to access your email because we have forgotten the password. In order to regain access to your current Gmail account, you will need to change the password and establish a new one.

You can fix this by following these instructions:

  1. Start the program:Launch the Google Mail app. You shouldn’t use the iPhone’s default email client. If you want to use Gmail on your iPhone, you should install the official app.
  2. Select the sign-in button:When you first launch the app, scroll down and tap the “sign in” button.
  3. If you need to reset your password, click the Forgot Password link.You can now forget your password by selecting the option to do so when you go to sign in.
  4. Please check the code:A verification code will be sent to your number via Google now. Verify the source. To use, simply enter the code into the appropriate box in your app.
  5. Fill in the new password:Enter the new password twice to make sure it is correct. Currently, you have a new password. Passwords should be lengthy and secure at all times. You can use it to better secure your Gmail account.
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