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It’s hard to conceptualize modern life without social media. People around the world regularly upload millions of photos and videos to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in an effort to maintain relationships with friends, family, and coworkers. Businesses and well-known brands have recently begun to recognize the potential of social media for advertising and promotion.

facebook ip address finder

The vast majority of internet users regularly log onto social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to keep up with friends, read news and other updates, share and create engaging content, and promote their products and services to a wide audience.

Some people use such services to monitor their targets’ online activities, peek at their friends’ private profiles without being invited, or view their friends’ locked profile pictures. In particular, people are interested in tracing the IP address of a Facebook profile or page in order to learn more about its owner, including where they currently are.

The IP address provides not only the location and identity of the targeted Facebook user, but also their email address and a plethora of other information, such as their full name, phone number, area code, and more.

There are a variety of scenarios in which knowing the IP address of a Facebook account or page would be useful.

Maybe you want to learn more about your customers so you can provide them with more individualized support. It’s possible that an unknown user is sending you unwanted or inappropriate messages via Messenger. As a result, it’s not uncommon for people to want to keep tabs on those they suspect are using false information in their profiles.

They could, for instance, change their “hometown” to New York and update their profile to reflect this change. New York area universities and colleges attended may also be mentioned. But how do we know this data is reliable?

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This is where monitoring a Facebook user’s IP address becomes relevant. It’s a free tool for locating a user’s precise, up-to-the-moment location on Google Maps.

This tutorial will teach you how to locate the IP address of a Facebook profile or page without spending a dime.

In fact,

These are also the methods that can be used to trace a user’s real-time Facebook profile and page to their exact physical location.

How to Find IP Address from Facebook Profile

1. Facebook IP Address Finder by iStaunch

The Facebook IP Address Finder by iStaunch allows you to discover the IP address of a user’s profile or page. Simply paste the Facebook profile or page’s URL into the box provided and click the Find IP Address button. Finally, the IP address of the specified Facebook profile or page will be displayed.

IP Address Finder for Facebook

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Please be aware that this is not necessarily the current IP address, but rather the time at which you last copied the URL or username. If you don’t think it will help, try something else.

2. Facebook Location Tracker

  • Launch the Facebook Location Tracker app by iStaunch on your mobile device.
  • Simply paste in the URL of the Facebook account or page whose IP address you wish to obtain.
  • After solving the captcha, click the Track button.
  • When you click “next,” you’ll be shown the IP address and location where the Facebook profile or page is right now.
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3. Grabify IP Logger

For those interested in keeping tabs on their Facebook friends’ IP addresses, Grabify is a free service that does just that. The downside of Grabify is that it can be used by government agencies to monitor social media profiles.

Methods include:

  • Start up the Facebook app on your mobile device (Android or iOS).
  • Learn how to locate a Facebook link and copy it.
  • A web browser session should be opened to the Grabify IP Logger website.
  • Simply copy the link, then paste it into the box provided, and hit create URL to generate the address.
  • After that, you can grab the fresh URL for IP tracking.
  • Begin a conversation with the victim on Facebook and, at the appropriate moment, share the copied IP tracking link with them.
  • Get them to click on the link to some engaging content, and Grabify will track their IP address.
  • Changing your IP address is as simple as refreshing the Grabify page.

4. Find IP Address Using Facebook Messenger

You can get a person’s IP address from their Facebook profile or page by using the messenger. If you have Windows, you can find the user’s IP address by using the command prompt and the netstat function. A user’s IP address can be found by initiating a conversation with them.

Start a conversation with the intended recipient on Facebook Messenger, and try to time it so that the conversation occurs while the recipient is online. You can have both the chat window and the command prompt open at the same time. Input “netstat -an” and press the Enter key. To locate the desired Facebook user’s IP address, you can request and examine a list of IP addresses.

facebook ip address finder

Make sure you don’t have any other browser windows or tabs open, as this could lead to some confusion if you see an IP address that isn’t the one you’re looking for.

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So there you have it. The command prompt will show the IP address of the target.

5. Try Using Facebook Nearby Friends

If none of the above methods have been successful in obtaining an IP address, you can try to locate them through Facebook’s Nearby Friends feature. All of our Facebook friends who are connected to the app can now be followed in real time. The term “nearby friends” is used because its use will make public the current locations of your friends who are physically close to you.

You can see all your friends who also have their nearby feature activated once you turn on your own location services. What this means is that you and your friends can now broadcast your whereabouts to one another. When you use this function, you are consenting to having your location history enabled. In order to use Nearby, you must have location history enabled.

Here we’ll walk you through the steps to enable this function, so that you can track your friends’ whereabouts.

Step 1:Navigate to your Facebook account and click thetriple horizontalsthat can be found in the screen’s top right corner.

Step 2:It is imperative that you now track down theNearby companionsoption.

Step 3:If you want to activate the nearby function, you can do so by tapping the toggle next to your name.

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