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You can look up a phone number with Google Voice here.Frustrating as it may be, unsolicited phone calls from sources you don’t recognize, such as scammers or marketing firms, are common and often come from people you don’t know. Everyone has received a call from an Unknown Google Voice Number and wondered who it was from.

google voice number lookup

The caller could be a friend, but the odds of it being a scammer are slightly higher than zero. It’s best practice to look up the owner of a Google Voice number and review their profile before picking up the phone.

Google Voice, as everyone knows, is a VoIP service that lets its users communicate via phone calls, voicemail, and text messages over the Internet. Calls to this number are typically forwarded to the user’s cell phone, office phone, or fixed-line home phone.

Google Voice provides its users with a local virtual phone number at no cost. You can also use the Google Voice Number Availability tool to see if your preferred number is available for registration before committing to it.

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The SIM card number is very similar to this one. The only distinction is that paid plans include access to premium features like call recording, while the basic service is available at no cost to users.

To protect your privacy, Google Voice does not publish your number, email address, or any other identifying information to any public directory or website that publishes phone numbers.

The question that arises now is whether or not it is possible to trace a Google Voice number back to its rightful owner, or whether or not it is possible to locate the owner’s email address linked to that number.

In that case, feel free to put to use theiStaunch’s Google Voice Number Lookupto trace a Google Voice number back to its rightful owner.

The application would then display matched results after you enter the person’s Google Voice number. Real name, social media accounts, alternate phone number, location, and other details are among the information returned.

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Google Voice Number Lookup

In order to discover who is behind a Google Voice number and acquire useful information like their name, email address, country, and more, you can use iStaunch’s free Google Voice Number Lookup service. Google Voice Number Lookup by iStaunch is easy to access. Click the button labeled “Submit” after entering the Google Voice number. The Google Voice account holder will then appear on the screen.

Find a Number with Google Voice

Please Read:Google Voice numbers and associated personal information are not made public by Google, making it extremely difficult to trace who is associated with a given number. However, this tool can be used to learn more about a person if they have made public their Google Voice number on a public profile, website, blog, or forum.

Google Voice Number Lookup: 2021 Video Tutorial – Tracking a Google Voice Number’s Owner

How to Trace a Google Voice Number for Free

As was previously mentioned, the purpose of the Google Voice Number lookup tool is to simplify the process by which a user can discover the owner of an unknown mobile number. The intuitive design allows you to find what you need quickly.

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To find out who’s calling from a specific Google Voice number, enter that number in the Google Voice Number lookup tool. The desired user’s name will be displayed.

How to Find Your Google Voice Number

  • On your mobile phone (Android or iOS), visit the Google Voice website.
  • You can access your Google account by entering your email address and password.
  • The Google Voice Control Panel will open for you.
  • Select the gear in the upper right corner to access the settings. Your number can now be found in the Account section.

Options to modify or remove the phone number are also available here. In a jiffy, you can either select a new Google Voice number or get rid of the old one altogether.

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