How do I Buy Crates in Pubg Xbox [Solved] 2023

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  1. In-game currency can be used for a unique Crate Purchase option in BATTLEGROUNDS.
  2. In fact, there are some Xbox-only crates that PC gamers will never see.
  3. In Pubg, the hidden key can also be used to unlock chests.
  4. When you select the Open Crate option, you gain access to a wardrobe full of new threads.
  5. The only way to access locked containers is to pay for the key.
  6. Crates in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be purchased with real money or in-game currency called Battle Points (BP).

How to Open or Buy 500 Raider Pubg Crates?


How do I Buy PUBG Military Crates Xbox?

If you have enough BP and want to buy some Soldier’s Crates, you can do so as follows:

  1. Choose the “shop” option located in the middle of the lobby screen.
  2. After selecting the store tab, choose the “crates” menu item.
  3. To access the Soldier’s Crate, go below and click the “open once” button.
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Can you Buy Skins in PUBG Xbox?

Crates in the game BATTLEGROUNDS can be opened to reveal unique weapons. In PUBG, players can find weapons in crates ranging in size from one to several.

The first one is a cash shop chest that can be opened with G-coins or game currency rather than a key.

What do You do With BP in PUBG Xbox?

Players in PUBG Mobile can earn BP by winning matches, completing missions, and more!

You can use them to purchase cosmetic items and “troop crates,” which grant your character a new look.

You can use them to get the “reset appearance option in the Inventory,” which allows you to do things like change the character’s gender.

How to Get More Clothes on PUBG Xbox?

Learn Below How To Acquire Clothing In PUBG (Xbox, PC, PS4):-

  1. Rewards that can be received every day.
  2. To accomplish tasks.
  3. Spend your battle points on crates.
  4. Spend real money on crate purchases.
  5. You should check out the clothes because they are trendy.
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What Happened to Crates in PUBG on Xbox?

Loot boxes in PUBG are getting a major overhaul, with locked crates being taken out of the game entirely.

These locked crates have never been available to buy without a key, and keys can only be bought with real money, unlike in CS: GO.

They can be purchased for $2.50 in-game or at varying prices on the Steam Market.

Can You Still Buy Crates in PUBG Xbox?

The crates can be purchased with BP (Battle Points), which are a form of in-game currency earned or purchased by playing and winning Matches.

This limited edition crate is the third and final option. Like Twitch Prime crates, they are available at no cost and do not require a key in order to unlock them.

How do You Shop for Clothes in PUBG 2022 Xbox?

You can use your own points, as well as points purchased from the Steam Market or discovered at random in Pioneer Crates, to buy various items in Pubg.

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The contents of pioneer crates are completely random, but if you’re looking for something specific, you can always spring for the high-priced crates. Pubg’s UC currency can be used to purchase apparel alongside other items.

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