How Do I Call Dubai From the US [Solved]

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  1. Don’t worry if you’re an American citizen trying to make a phone call to Dubai or any other city in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. Start by pressing 011, which is the exit code for the United States.
  3. The UAE country code is 971, so that’s what you’ll dial next.
  4. Then, after the regular phone number, you should enter the area code (also one digit).
  5. So, you’ve made the preparations to make a phone call from Dubai to the United States.
  6. In addition, there is zero danger in Dubai.

How to Make Free Unlimited Call to Dubai from the US


Why Am I Not Able to Call Dubai From the US?

If you don’t have enough money in your account to make an international call, then you won’t be able to.

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Then, make sure you’re using the right international access code when calling abroad.

Also, double-check the exit code to make sure it’s entered correctly.

Contact your mobile provider’s customer service if you’re still having problems.

What is Dubai’s Calling Code?

The dialing code for Dubai is 4. To make a call within the United Arab Emirates, however, you must first dial 971 in addition to the local number.

Abu Dhabi’s area code is 2, and Sharjah’s is 6. You need to stress the importance of communicating the idea that merely dialing is insufficient.

When making an international call, you must abide by a few guidelines. Therefore, from now on, be extra cautious to avoid making any blunders.

When to Call in Dubai from the US?

  1. You must be aware of the significant time difference that exists between the two locations.
  2. You should now factor in the time difference between the United States and Dubai before making any calls.
  3. There is a time difference of 10 hours between the US and UAE.
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How to Make Free Calls From the United States to Dubai?

In the App Store, you can find a number of different options for making free calls to Dubai from the United States.

Skype, BOTIM, VoIP, etc., are all examples of such programs. But before you purchase, make sure you know the legal status of such items in Dubai. In this city, the rules are strictly enforced.

There’s also no way to use WhatsApp’s calling feature in Dubai.

An encrypted VPN connection cannot be compromised. This is why it is imperative that you verify information prior to calling.

What is the Country Code to Call Dubai from the US?

  1. There is both a city and an emirate by the name of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. For this reason, it will use the format established by the UAE.
  3. The country code is 971, so that’s what you’ll need to dial.
  4. For this reason, dial 971 before the Dubai telephone number. Don’t try to make a call if you don’t want to.
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Why Can’t I Make a Call from Dubai to US Via WhatsApp?

The United Arab Emirates has banned the use of WhatsApp’s voice and video calling features.

Authorities have warned that it poses security risks and leaks sensitive user information.

This is why WhatsApp calls to Dubai from the United States, or vice versa, are currently unavailable.

The app store offers a variety of other applications. Make sure, though, that they are within the law.

Can I Use a US cellphone in Dubai?

Your American cellphone will work in Dubai, but your sim card will not. On top of that, your phone needs to be compatible with GSM networks and unlocked.

Just pick up a new sim card when you arrive in Dubai from the United States, and you’ll be good to go. Americans can travel freely in Dubai without fear.

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