How do I Deactivate Pubg Mobile Account [Solved] 2023

Correct Responses:

  1. Your Pubg Mobile account cannot be temporarily disabled, but it can be deleted entirely.
  2. After logging into PUBG, navigate to the “My Account” section and click the “Delete Account” button.
  3. Select “Manage Account” from the menu on the left.
  4. Follow that up by navigating to the “Delete Account” section and hitting the corresponding button.
  5. Pubg Mobile also allows you to disconnect from Gamecenter.

Steps to Deactivate or Delete Pubg Mobile Account


How do I Delete My PUBG Mobile 2021 Account?

To permanently remove your Pubg mobile 2021 account, please proceed through the five steps listed below.

  1. Start up the PUBG Mobile app on your mobile device.
  2. Go ahead and sign in to your PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds account.
  3. Select “Preferences”
  4. To permanently close your account, select the link.
  5. To clarify, you should not have to wait seven days to delete your account completely.
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What Should I do to Delete My PUBG Mobile Account from Facebook?

To remove your PubG Mobile account from the Facebook app, you can:

  1. A tap in the top right corner of Facebook will allow you to remove any installed apps or games.
  2. Select Apps & Websites by scrolling down to the Settings menu.
  3. Select I’m logged in via Facebook.
  4. Select the program or web page that should be deleted.
  5. Select Remove next to the program or website’s name.
  6. Repeatedly tapping the Remove button would confirm the action.

How do I Disable PUBG Mobile?

Launch the Android device’s Settings menu. To access software, look for and select the appropriate app. Locate the “PUBG Mobile” app and launch it. For permanent removal, select the Uninstall button.

What Happens if I Clear PUBG Mobile Data?

The game data will remain in your account even if you uninstall PUBG from your mobile device.

After reinstalling and launching the game, select the login option that corresponds to the social network you previously used to access the game. On the other hand, you’ll need to re-download this supplementary material.

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Can We Disconnect the Phone Number from PUBG?

If you have linked two social media accounts, you can only disconnect one of them. After 21 days of being connected to PUBGM, you will be able to detach your account.

After 7 days, the account will be permanently deleted the first time you log into PUBG.

How Can I Block PUBG on iPhone?

If your game or app supports it, you can lock it from within the app or on Android. The second step is to navigate to Google Play > Settings > Parental Control.

When you unlock it, you can place whatever limits you like on it. Your Macbook can also play PubG for an enhanced gaming experience.

How do I Permanently Remove PUBG from My Phone?

  • To access the apps and websites section, navigate to the main settings menu.
  • Disable the PUBG Mobile app by going to the relevant menu option.
  • You will no longer have access to PUBG.
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How do I Delete My PUBG Twitter Account?

Launch any web browser and navigate to from your Twitter account.

Go to your Account settings and then select Apps & Sessions before selecting PUBG Mobile. To cancel your PUBG Mobile subscription, select the “Revoke Access” button.

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