How to Access Trash on Facebook App: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Do you know how to use the desktop trash can? You’ve probably installed it on your computer and understand its significance. Facebook, like many other social networking sites, also has a trash can feature. The Trash is where Facebook keeps everything you delete. Facebook’s Trash feature is great, but what if you accidentally deleted something or need to retrieve it? Following the steps outlined in this article will allow you to quickly and easily access Facebook’s trash.

5 Steps To Access Trash On Facebook App

Starting with Step 1: Launch the Facebook AppFirst things first, get the Facebook app from the app store. If you prefer to use a browser, Facebook will still work for you. After that, visit Facebook and sign in.

Image  Titled access trash on Facebook app Step 1

Tap the three lines in Step 2.Step two involves navigating to the panel of options with three lines at the top right of your Facebook homepage.

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Image  Titled access trash on Facebook app Step 2

Third, hit the gear-shaped settings button.After selecting the three-dots icon, the next step is to click the gear-shaped Settings button that sits next to the MENU.

Image  Titled access trash on Facebook app Step 3

Fourth, access the history by selecting the log.When you get to the next screen, select “Activity Log” from the “YOUR INFO” menu.

Image  Titled access trash on Facebook app Step 4

Method 5: Select the trash can: At this point, you’ll have a choice between two final options: archive and trash, select the trash can icon as shown below. To delete something from the Facebook app, just tap the “Trash” button.

Image  Titled access trash on Facebook app Step 5

This is how you can access trash in the Facebook app; please use them in order.


The number of people who follow me on Facebook.

The steps below will show you how to view your Facebook followers on both the iPhone and Android.

  • Launch the Facebook app.
  • Start Ordering
  • Select View My Profile to access your information.
  • Select View About Information
  • In the end, click on See All.
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Can I get deleted Facebook app data back?

The Trash feature in the Facebook app does allow you to retrieve previously erased posts.

What should I do if Facebook is hiding my fan base?

For a complete list of your Facebook App followers, please follow these steps:

  • Appear Facebook
  • Use the “three dots” button.
  • Select Preferences
  • Navigate to the security menu.
  • Confirm your sharing preferences
  • Once you’ve filled out your profile’s summary, you’ll notice a new option at the bottom called “Find my Followers.”

Should You Remove Your Facebook Page?

If you want to delete a Facebook Page from your iPhone or Android, you can do so by following these steps:

  • To access Facebook on an iPhone, open the app.
  • To access the Facebook menu, click ‘Menu’.
  • Select “Pages” from the Menu Bar.
  • To Choose The ‘•••’ Menu, Press ‘•••’
  • Select the Gear Icon (or ‘Settings’)
  • Select “General” from the menu.
  • Go to the “Forever delete” menu and make your selection.
  • For good measure, select “Delete Page” from the menu.
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Have I misplaced the Archived Chats in the Facebook App?

The Facebook chat history can be accessed through the app.

Thus, this piece explained where and how to find Facebook’s trash bins. To access trash in the Facebook app, simply repeat the steps above. If you want to learn more about Facebook, check out the site’s Frequently Asked Questions.

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