How to Add Effects to TikTok Videos: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

TikTok is a mobile app for making short music videos. In this way, users are free to experiment with new ideas and produce visually appealing content for their followers. This is made possible by the fact that users can apply filters to their videos within the app.

  • Visual effects, stickers, and even slow-motion and other special effects can fall into this category.
  • Including effects in your project makes it look more polished and complete.
  • Therefore, if you want to add effects to your TikTok videos, you should read the instructions provided below.

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Steps to add effects to TikTok videos

First, download and open TikTok:Starting the TikTok app is the first and most important step in editing videos with effects.

  • Step one is to launch the app from your device’s app drawer.
  • To access TikTok, look for its icon in the system tray.
  • A simple tap on the app’s icon will launch it.
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add effects to TikTok videos

Then, in the blank space, write:When you launch the TikTok app, you’ll be presented with the main interface, which looks like the one in the image below. The app has a variety of features, such as an exploration mode, a notification system, etc.

The drop-down menus for each section are easily accessible from the screen’s base. Follow the arrow in the image to the “add new” button.add effects to TikTok videos

Make a recording of your video:If you tap the “Add new” button, your phone’s camera will open. The effect you want to add to existing content can now be recorded. To start recording, press and hold the red circle icon. When you’re ready, let go. A video from your library can also be submitted. In addition, you can capture audio alongside visuals in a video.add effects to TikTok videos

Fourth, select the Effects menu:Once the recording is complete, you will see the screen in the image below. The video will start playing again, and you can access a variety of editing tools—filters, stickers, and so on—at the screen’s bottom. Follow the arrow in the image to access the Effects menu.add effects to TikTok videos

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5. Determine the outcome you desire:If you go to the TikTok app and tap the effects tab, you’ll be presented with a menu of available effects, as shown in the image. You have access to a wide variety of effects. To apply an effect to a selected segment of your video, tap and hold on the effect you want to use. If you want the effect to last for the entirety of the video, tap and hold it for as long as the video plays.add effects to TikTok videos

Click the Save button (6):You’ll be brought back to this screen after applying the effect to your TikTok video. Here is a sneak peek at the modified version of the original video that you have created. Give it a shot and see if you like the results. When you’re happy with the results, select “Save” from the file menu at the top right of the screen. All of your edited video data is stored in this manner.add effects to TikTok videos

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7 Select the Next button:If you’ve followed the instructions above carefully, you should see the window in the image below. In this tab, you’ll find options for further customizing your video’s appearance with effects, filters, and the like. Click the “Next” button if you’re happy with the video. By selecting the following link, you can share the video with your followers.add effects to TikTok videos

Accordingly, any TikTok user who wants to include effects in his video can easily do so by following the instructions provided in the aforementioned article. The steps illustrate how straightforward and easy to carry out the procedure actually is. Including an effect in your TikTok videos is a simple process. TikTok users rely heavily on this resource because it serves as a springboard for their original video content. This makes understanding how to edit a TikTok video with special effects crucial.

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