How to Add Location On Instagram Bio

When you hear the word “location,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? We have no doubt that eight out of ten people will immediately identify their current location as their home city, town, village, or country. A similar response would be appropriate if you were asked this question during a job interview.

add location on instagram bio

Though, isn’t it annoying when someone DMs you on Instagram asking the same thing over and over again?

Why wouldn’t everyone know that it’s a social media site?

Even if it’s someone you’ve never met before, they should be able to figure out where you’re from based on your accent.

However, in today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing this very topic of how to include a location in your Instagram bio.

If you want to know more, stay with us until the end.

Can You Add Location To Instagram Bio?

Let’s discuss if the option to include a user’s location in their Instagram bio before diving into the specifics of how to do so.

We know what you’re thinking: of course, anyone can do that. What possible reason could Instagram have for rolling out this feature inconsistently?

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So, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the truth is that only business accounts have a location field in their bios, while personal profiles don’t.

There is, however, a valid explanation for this.

In spite of the fact that you may have a business account,address There will be a section on your bio thatPlace of businessthe words written thereon. This explains why the function was originally designed to allow brick-and-mortar businesses to provide their contact details to customers. A professional account is optional if you also want to use it to publish your physical address in your bio.

How to Add Location On Instagram Bio

You’ve made the right decision by upgrading to an Instagram business profile. Congratulations! Put the politeness aside and let’s get down to business: incorporating your location into your bio.

Follow these steps to include a location in your Instagram bio:

Step 1:To use Instagram, open the app on your mobile device, then navigate toHome tab you’re initially presented with, look for the thumbnail icon of your profile picture and click on it to access yourProfile.

Step 2:A white checkmark will appear here under your profile picture and bio.Change Your Infobutton; press the button.

Step 3: On the Change Your Infotab, initial fields such asIdentification (Name, Login (Username), Domain)and Bio. 

In addition to these, there would be a subheading there designated asDisclosable Company Dataincluding the following five choices:The Page, Category, Contact Methods, and Calls to Action,andExhibiting Profiles.

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The third choice on this list is the correct one to make:Various means of getting in touch.Put some pressure on it.

Step 4:Here’s a link to a new page; please use one of the four methods of contact listed below.Contact information (email, phone number, and physical location)andA Company’s WhatsApp Contact Number.

To switch tabs, select the third option.

Step 5:There are three blank spots on this page:Postal code, town, and cityand Zip code.

Now, since it’s not required to fill all of them, you can complete whichever fields you’d like and then click theDone click the Save button in the upper right hand corner to store your changes.

Step 6:Your company’s (or your own) physical address and/or location is now displayed under your bio when you revisit your profile.

Alternative Ways to Add Location On Instagram Bio

If you want to make any changes to your profile, including your bio, you’ll need to access your account first, as you probably know (or have figured out by now).Profile app’s navigation menu tab. Seeing as how we’ve already covered the procedure for doing so, let’s jump right into theProfile This time, I’ll be using a tab.

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Step 1: On your Profile can you make out the white in the tab?Change Your Infoafter your bio’s About section? Now is the time to press this button.

Step 2:As a result, doors will be unlocked in theChange My Infobutton on your computer’s toolbar. Here, the final field on the list of required ones is ofBio.

Step 3:If you click on it, an editable version of your bio will open in a new tab. Keep in mind that Instagram only lets you have 150 characters in your bio. If you already have a lengthy one, you may want to shorten it.

In contrast to other similar sections, this one gives you the freedom to switch up your lines whenever you like. Add a line to your bio specifying your hometown of Chicago if you want your followers to know you’re from the Windy City.

You can also use emojis like the pin emoji, the home emoji, the map emoji, and so on to show that you’re a resident of this area. You could also use any other creative method that occurs to you.

Step 4:Once you’ve made your edits, click the blue Save button.Done select the option in the upper right corner to return to your profile. The word “Chicago” is already in that location.

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