How to Add Thumbnail to YouTube Video on iPhone: 9 Steps

Knowing how to add a thumbnail to a YouTube video on an iPhone is crucial, as thumbnails are one of the most prominent features of any video.

Recording a video, editing the video, coming up with a title, writing the description or bio of the video, creating a thumbnail, and editing the thumbnail are just some of the many steps involved in making content for YouTube. The video and its thumbnails are editable even after they have been uploaded. It only takes a few easy steps to learn how to modify YouTube thumbnails on an iPhone.

How to Make & Upload a YouTube Thumbnail on iPhone

Add Thumbnail to YouTube Video on iPhone in 9 Steps

Initial Step: Launch the YouTube App:You’ll need to locate the YouTube app’s icon in your iPhone’s app library and then search for the app using the device’s built-in search function before you can launch it.

You must: If you haven’t already done so, download the app to your device.

  • Visit the App Store
  • Access the app’s search function.
  • Launch YouTube by inputting the search term
  • The installation icon can be accessed by clicking.

If you’ve downloaded and installed the app, all that’s left to do is log in so you can start using it.

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Step-2 Select the ” ” button to add:Go to the very bottom of YouTube’s front page. There is a plus sign ( ) at the bottom of the page, in the exact center. With respect to theAdd icon. Additional choices include:

  • Home
  • Shorts
  • Subscriptions
  • Library
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Third, select Upload a Video.To proceed, tap on theVideo uploadwhich appears on your screen. The next choice out of three will be this one.

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Fourth, select a video by tapping on it:As soon as you click this button, you’ll be taken to a new page. You can view all the videos stored on your gadget right here. Pick a clip from your collection that you’d like to share. Don’t hesitate to click the video.

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Phase 5: Select the Next button:Once the video is chosen, tap theNext option. The menu entry will be accessible from the screen’s lower right corner.

You can also choose to have your video compressed into the shorter “short” format.

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Step-6 Select the Picture button:Make a thumbnail as the next step. To choose a thumbnail for the video, click the tiny gallery icon in the upper left corner.

Take a look at the illustration below for more information.

Image titled Add Thumbnail to YouTube Video on iPhone Step 6

Step Seven: Pick an Illustration:YouTube will now take you to a new page where you can view all of your uploaded photos. You permitted a search of your device, and now I can

  • Pick images from another album.
  • Mobile phone app downloads
  • Snaps, Facebook photos, and the like.
  • Use filters such as names, photos, locations, and more to narrow your search.
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The video’s thumbnail should be chosen.

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Eighth Step: Fine-Tune the ImageThe next thing to do is crop the picture so it fits the available space. The image must be resized, zoomed in or out, or moved in order to conform to the constraints imposed by YouTube’s preset aspect ratios.

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Select in Step 9 In thelastly, after making all necessary adjustments to the image, you must tap on theSelectchoice in the upper-right hand corner of the display.

Add a thumbnail to your YouTube video in this fashion and you will have finished the process.

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The meaning of a thumbnail is explained.

A thumbnail is a small image that gives a preview of the full video so that the viewer can decide whether or not to click on it.

That’s why thumbnails are so crucial in this context. Create a new thumbnail from scratch, or use an existing still from your video. Having a visually appealing and informative thumbnail will increase the likelihood that people will click on it.

Is There a Specific Thumbnail Requirement for YouTube Videos?

When uploading a thumbnail to YouTube, there are certain specifications you must adhere to. A few examples of such prerequisites are:

  • The image format must be one of the following: JPG, GIF, or PNG.
  • Must be under 2 MB in size
  • with a resolution of 1270 x 720
  • width must be at least 640 pixels
  • The ideal aspect ratio is 16:9.
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Is Making a Video Teaser Required?

You should probably make a thumbnail if you have a YouTube channel and upload videos on a regular basis. A thumbnail is not required, and YouTube will choose one for you if you don’t provide one.

On the other hand, captivating thumbnails are essential for attracting viewers and promoting your channel. The process of uploading a video to YouTube, as well as making and editing thumbnails for the site, is straightforward and easily explained.


How Should Thumbnails Be Made?

Similar to how YouTube has rules for creators and viewers to abide by when uploading content and commenting on videos, thumbnails also have rules that must be followed. Here are some examples of criteria:

  • Nakedness is unacceptable.
  • Discourage the use of hateful language.
  • Injurious material
  • No disinformation should be included.
  • No Incitement to Aggression

The problem is that I am unable to upload thumbnails.

This issue of being unable to upload thumbnails may arise if you are a new YouTube content creator. Possible cause of this is that you have disabled the obligatory configuration option.

Get yourself into YouTube’s preferences menu immediately. Locate “Videos” in the main menu. An option labeled “Custom Thumbnails” can be found in this section. When this switch is activated, you’ll be able to submit a custom thumbnail of your very own choosing.

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