How to Avoid Highways on Google Maps: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

Most people enjoy driving on highways, but you can use Google Maps to steer clear of them if you get bored easily.

If you’re trying to avoid long stretches of highway while on the road, Google Maps can be a lifesaver. A similar number of traffic jams can occur on highways. That being the case, you should keep your distance. Google Maps also features a distance calculator. Meanwhile, here are 6 simple steps to take to make sure you always take the back roads when using Google Maps.

How To Avoid Highways with Google Maps iPhone

Avoid highways on Google maps in 6 Steps

Launch Google Maps Step 1:To access google maps, launch the app by selecting the maps icon from your device’s main menu.

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Step-2 To select a course of action, select the compass icon.The default home screen now displays a map. To change the screen’s direction, select the compass icon in the lower right corner.

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Third, decide where you want to go.By default, Google Maps will use your current location as the starting point. If you don’t like it, feel free to alter it.

Afterward, decide where you want to go.

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Step-4 All it takes is one mouse click:Then, tap the menu button followed by the three vertical dots found next to the “Your location” tab.

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Fifth, select “Route options” by clicking on it:After selecting the ellipsis menu, select the “Route options” option from the drop-down menu that appears.

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Step-6 Choose to stay off major roads, then press the finish button:To activate the “avoid Highways” setting, select it by clicking the corresponding button. In the future, Google Maps will be able to direct you away from major roads.

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The question is whether or not Google Maps can help us avoid tolls.

A toll is a government tax collected from drivers traveling between states.

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Follow these directions to avoid paying tolls during your trip:

  • Turn on Google Maps on your device.
  • Access it via the search bar by clicking it and then entering your location.
  • Select the area with a tap.
  • Select the “Directions” menu item.
  • Type in your current coordinates or the point where you wish to begin.
  • Follow that by selecting the corresponding three bars.
  • Select “route options” from the menu.
  • By selecting the ‘Avoid Tolls’ option, Google Maps makes avoiding tolls a breeze.

How Do We Find Out If There Is a Traffic Jam On Google Maps?

To help users navigate Google Maps, each possible route is represented by a different hue.

  • When there is no congestion on the road, the path turns blue.
  • If there is very light traffic, the route will be shown in orange.
  • The map will show a red color if there is a major traffic jam along your route.

You can use this same strategy to avoid gridlock using the Google Maps app.

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What makes people so averse to using roads?

Congestion is the leading cause of people avoiding highways.

The worst possible situation is being caught in traffic. Highways are typically crowded, particularly at peak travel times. Therefore, you should stay away from them and look for another option. In a matter of seconds, you can use Google Maps to locate alternate routes.

Is the Quickest Route Always Shown on Google Maps?

The Google Maps app typically provides the shortest route to your destination.

The shortest route may not always be returned if you specify alternative preferences, such as avoiding toll roads or major thoroughfares. You’re free to go in any other direction you like. For when the quickest route is congested with vehicles.

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