How to Block Someone on Discord Without Them Knowing

Surely, life on social media is not always a picnic. To get the roses, you have to avoid the thorns. We know that many of you will be able to relate to what we’re saying because you’ve spent at least some time in cyberspace. If you want to be a responsible user of these platforms, you need to train yourself to cope with the negativity that permeates the web. This is also true of any other social media platform we employ, in this case Discord.

block someone on discord without them knowing

Since its inception, Discord has primarily catered to the gaming community as a means of communication. However, the app developed and now includes a diverse selection of servers covering fields as diverse as entertainment, education, and more.

We continued our talk about overcoming online hostility by noting that even the online chat platform Discord has its share of toxic users. People who believe they are better than everyone else and then act superior by bullying and harassing them online have no reason to act this way on a consistent basis. But you’ll see that the tranquility of the Discord server is regularly disrupted by some utter moron spouting gibberish.

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However, blocking a friend who you’ve been arguing with for a long time could be awkward. When that happens, we look for stealthy methods of blocking their access. If you’re wondering whether or not this is doable in Discord, we’ve got your back with the details you’re looking for.

Is It Possible to Block Someone on Discord Without Them Knowing?

Want to find out how to prevent Discord from connecting you with that one annoying person? We are aware of this, and you are not alone in facing this challenge. It’s not uncommon for people to use the platform to be cruel and intentionally hurtful to others.

Online bullies may harass, threaten, or even slander their victims. As exposure to these is detrimental to anyone’s health, we’ve decided that blocking them is our best option. As soon as you receive one of their calls or texts, you can block their number in the app and stop receiving any further contact from them. They will be removed from your app’s friend list.

Now, we have some good news to share that should put your mind at ease. Inconvenient people can be hidden from your view on Discord. I find myself wondering how on earth that could be possible. So, let us fill you in on the specifics right away.

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If the person you blocked makes contact with you anyway, they will receive a message that reads:There was an error delivering your message: either you and the intended recipient do not share a server, you have disabled direct messages on your shared server, the intended recipient will only accept direct messages from friends, or the intended recipient has blocked you.

Take note of how Discord gave them no plausible explanation for why you were blocking them. Then you can simply ignore them and let them guess!

Steps to block someone on Discord:

Step 1:Get out your smartphone (it doesn’t matter if it’s iOS or android) and go toDownload the Discord A.P.. When you find the app, launch it.

Step 2: Figure out where theprofile picturein the address bar of the user you want to block.

Step 3: Can you spot thethree-dot symbolto the right of their name in the profile list? To use it, just click and chooseBlock Choosing something from the menu.

block someone on discord without them knowing

How to mute someone on Discord?

Perhaps you and a friend recently had a disagreement, but you feel uncomfortable blocking each other. In that case, you could try muting each other instead. When you need a break from a specific person, it’s perfectly reasonable to use Discord’s mute feature.

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If you mute someone on a server, you won’t be able to hear them, which eliminates a potential distraction. In addition, you won’t be able to monitor the data these people are transmitting.

To silence someone, you need do nothing more complicated thanright-clicktheir mobile appA User’s NameAfter that, you’ll need to make a choice.Muteoff the menu. You can also mute them for varying amounts of time.

block someone on discord without them knowing

In the end

This is the final post on our blog. We talked about how to secretly block someone on Discord.

The app makes it so that users who choose to block can do so in complete silence, which is a common practice on the platform. They conceal the fact that you have blocked the other person.

After laying out Discord’s perspective on the matter, we went over the specific steps required to block someone. In case you’d rather not block someone entirely, we also give you the option to mute them.

We trust that you were able to successfully block the offending app user.

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