How to Bypass Discord File Size Limit (Discord Max File Size Bypass)

Even though it only came out in 2016, Discord has already carved out a niche for itself in the world of online communication. More than 250 million people use Discord daily, and its incredibly intuitive interface continues to impress.

bypass file size limit on discord

This app is available for no cost and can be used on any mobile device. Using this app, users can freely share media such as audio, video, and text.

Even though gamers were the initial target audience for this app, many other users have since joined the platform to take advantage of its many functions.

Occasionally, Discord users may have experienced the frustration of trying to send an image or video to a friend only to have it fail to send and remain in the buffering state. Your files are too powerful!” and “Max file size is 8MB” are examples of the error messages you can expect to see. Increase your file size limit to 100 MB with Discord Nitro!

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The maximum file size that can be uploaded through Discord is currently set at 8 MB.

However, this does not preclude the transmission of a larger file. We’ll show you how to send large files to loved ones without breaking a sweat.

How to Bypass Discord File Size Limit (Discord Max File Size Bypass)

If your file is too large to upload as a single file to Discord, you can get around the 8MB limit by splitting it up into several smaller files. Then, the compacted documents can be easily passed around.

The methods provided below can be used to avoid Discord’s file size restriction.

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Method 1: Get Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro is an enhancement that raises the user’s limit for sending and receiving files in chat rooms.

bypass discord file size limit

Using Discord Nitro, you can increase the size limit for uploaded photos and videos to 100 MB.

However, there is an alternative if the idea of paying for Discord Nitro to transfer large files makes you uncomfortable. The third and final approach is quite simple, and we’ll explain it to you now.

Method 2: Upload Data on Imgur

Only Imgur allows users to upload and share images and videos. The best part about using Imgur to share media is that there is no strict size limit, with files up to 200 MB being accepted. When compared to Discord, this cap is twice as large.

  • Grab the mobile app by searching “Imgur” in the app store, or head over to on your computer.
  • Put the media online with the default privacy settings unlocked.
  • You should see a share button at the screen’s bottom.
  • Make a copy of the Imgur link for the video you just uploaded.
  • Simply copy and paste it into Discord to easily send it to other users.
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The file size limit in Discord cannot be directly increased. One cannot use more than 100 MB even with Discord Nitro. The aforementioned exploits make it possible to use Discord to store any type of file.

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