How to Change Contact Name in WhatsApp App: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Changing a contact’s name in WhatsApp is a common request. There are a number of situations in which we might need to alter our WhatsApp Contact name. Perhaps you misheard their name, or maybe you forgot a letter when spelling it. For whatever reason, it’s now possible to change the name of a WhatsApp contact just as easily as adding or removing contacts. With the simple step-by-step instructions provided in this article, you can quickly and easily alter the name of any contact in your WhatsApp account. And so, without further ado, let us jump right into the procedures.

How to Edit & Change WhatsApp Contact Name

Change WhatsApp Contact Name in Just 7 Simple Steps!

Firstly, launch WhatsApp on your mobile device:Open the WhatsApp messaging app before you can start editing a contact. It’s as easy as tapping the app’s icon on your device, as demonstrated in the following image.

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Image titled Change WhatsApp Contact Name Step 1

Two, select the conversation bubble at the bottom of the display:You have arrived at WhatsApp’s home page, otherwise known as the Chats section. A tiny chat icon will appear in the app’s lower right corner; click on it. If you need a visual aid to help you through the process, check out the image down below.

Image titled Change WhatsApp Contact Name Step 2

Third, pick the contact whose name you want to change:Now when you tap the chat button, a list of all your WhatsApp contacts will appear. To change the name associated with a contact, simply click on their name in this list. To choose a contact, just tap on their name.

Image titled Change WhatsApp Contact Name Step 3

Fourth, select the chat partner by tapping on their name in the window:When you click on a contact, you will be taken to a conversation with them. The name of your contact appears in the chat window’s top green bar, right in the middle of the window. Follow the link in my name.

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Image titled Change WhatsApp Contact Name Step 4

Phase 5: Select the three dots:You can now see the contact’s name, display picture, and other options on your app’s screen.

  • The three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen are also visible.
  • When you click on these dots, a pull-down menu containing additional choices will appear.

Image titled Change WhatsApp Contact Name Step 5

Click the “Edit” button to proceed to Step 6:Click the second Edit option from the list, as demonstrated in the image below.

Image titled Change WhatsApp Contact Name Step 6

Seventh Step – Modify Your Contact’s NameIn the end, you’ll be able to make changes to the contact. Enter the new name and then select Save. Your updated contact information has been saved.

Image titled Change WhatsApp Contact Name Step 7

Wrapping Up

This concludes our 7-step guide on how to alter a WhatsApp contact’s name. Wasn’t that simple? Really, it was that obvious. We trust that you will be able to easily change your WhatsApp contact’s name after reading this article. Check out our other blogs about WhatsApp and its related features for more such concise yet informative explanations.

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