How to Change Facebook Password on iPhone: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Just like with Google, changing your Facebook password on an iPhone is a breeze and can be done in just 8 simple steps.

To further ensure the safety of their accounts, Facebook suggests regular password changes. Your current Facebook password is also important to keep in mind. Messenger and Facebook have a mutual connection. However, Messenger can be used independently of Facebook. For the time being, let’s check out the 8-minute guide to changing your Facebook password on your iPhone.

How To See Your Facebook Password On iPhone!

Change Facebook Password on iPhone in 8 Steps

The First Step, Launching Facebook:Be sure the Facebook app is downloaded and set up on your iPhone before proceeding. Starting with launching the app on your iPhone is the first step.

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Step-2 Use the ‘Menu’ button:Simply open it and select “Menu” from the drop-down menu that appears.

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Step-3 Choose the “Settings” button:It’s as simple as clicking the “Settings” button now. Specifically, it’s in the top right corner of the display.

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Option 4: Select “Password and Security”To change your Facebook password, navigate to the Account Settings page and select the “Password and Security” option.

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Step-5 To modify your password, visit the “Change Password” page.When prompted, select “Change password” from the login screen’s drop-down menu.

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Step-6 Currently, I ask you to enter:For safety reasons, Facebook now requires you to enter your current password. To change the current password, select the textbox and type in the new one.

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Step-7 Fill in your new password twice:Once the old password has been entered, the new one can be entered to replace it. Finally, retype the new password to verify it.

Image titled Change Instagram Password Step 7

Eighth, select “Update Password”:Then, select the blue ‘Update password’ button.

You have successfully updated your password.

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If we forget our current password, how do we go about changing it?

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Even if you forget your current Facebook password, you can easily change it.

This procedure differs slightly from the norm. To reset your password, select the “Forgot password?” link. Then, using your existing login information like your phone number, email address, or security question, the Facebook app will walk you through changing your password.

What Are the Steps to Changing Your Android Facebook Password?

Follow the same procedures outlined above to modify your Android device’s Facebook password.

The Facebook app on both iOS and Android have the same settings. If you have an Android device, you can easily change your password by following the same steps.

Is It Possible to Alter the Password on a Laptop or Computer as Well?

Password changes for Facebook accounts can be made on desktop computers, laptops, and other desktop devices.

The procedures are similar. But at first, you’ll need to fire up your web browser and head on over to To proceed, enter your credentials and log in. In all other respects, this paragraph is identical to the preceding one.

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Can You Reset Your Facebook Password?

Indeed, regaining access to your Facebook account is as simple as following a few instructions.

The correct mobile phone number and email address linked to your Facebook account will help you do this.

Messenger: How Do I Sign Out of Every Version?

Using the following steps, you can quickly and easily log out of Facebook Messenger on any and all devices:

  • Launch the program.
  • Initiate session activation by logging in to your account
  • Select “Profile” from the menu.
  • Activate the preferences menu.
  • Choose the ‘Security and Login’ tab.
  • Select “Where you are logged in” as the option.
  • Simply select the “More” menu option.
  • Then select the Logout button.
  • The use of multiple devices without signing out is not permitted.

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