How to Change Group Icon in WhatsApp: 6 Step (with Pictures)

Have you considered swapping out the WhatsApp group’s favicon? Want to update the profile picture for your WhatsApp group but don’t know how? Alternatively, you could be the group’s administrator and be interested in customizing the icon. Here’s how to customize the look of your WhatsApp group by changing the icon. This article details the process for customizing the icon for a WhatsApp group. Let’s check out these measures without further ado.

How to Change Group Icon in WhatsApp iPhone

Change WhatsApp Group icon in a few steps

Initial Step – Launch WhatsApp:You should begin by opening the most recent version of WhatsApp on your device. Simply clicking the app’s icon on your device will launch it.

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The second step entails selecting the group whose icon you wish to modify by tapping on it.Your app’s screen should currently display the Chats menu. To alter the icon for a specific group, click on that group here. Selecting a group is as easy as tapping its name.

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Tap the group’s name in Step 3.The window for group chatting has just loaded. The following step is to select the group by clicking on its name at the top of the app’s interface.

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Method 4: Select the team icon:Follow the instructions in the image below and select the group icon already present on your screen.

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The fifth action: click the pencil icon:When you select the team icon, two more options will appear in the app’s upper right corner. Choose the first icon, which depicts a pencil. Choose it with a click of the mouse.

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Click on one of the following six options to alter the group icon:Now that a menu of alternatives has appeared, pick the one that best suits your needs to replace the group’s icon.

  • Choose the Gallery option, for instance, to swap out the icon for any available image.
  • Select the Camera option if you’d like to make a group photo by clicking the image directly.
  • You can also choose to delete the icon or look for a different icon using the internet.
  • And with that, pick any image you’d like to use as the team’s icon, tweak it to your liking, and Voila!There will be an update to your group’s icon.
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Wrapping up

This concludes our discussion of customizing the WhatsApp group icon. Finally, as you can see from the above instructions, changing the icon is a breeze. We hope this article has helped you easily customize your WhatsApp group’s icon.

In addition, we also have some other guides available, each of which is dedicated to a specific facet of the WhatsApp app and its features. As a result, you can also use them to learn more about the infamous messaging app.

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