How to Change Language in Canva: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

In the billions, Canva users can be found in every corner of the globe. That’s why it’s crucial that the app caters to everyone who uses it. Its features had grown to accommodate the wide variety of users it attracted. When using Canva, you can communicate in whichever language you prefer. And only produce output in that language. It’s crucial for the app’s usability that this feature is included. Canva makes it simple to switch between languages.

As you likely already know, Canva supports the creation of and collaboration within teams. For this reason, it is crucial to be familiar with Canva’s language editing features. Inasmuch as a person’s preference in language may vary from person to person.

How To Change The Language of Canva Design

Change Language in Canva in 6 Easy Steps

Start by going to mobile app does not support this functionality. Since this functionality is currently restricted to the desktop app, please note that we apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, Canva’s mobile app users have not yet received this update.

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It’s compatible with all major browsers, so you can use it with Opera, Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser you prefer.

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Step2 Select the “Settings” menu item:To adjust settings, select the cogwheel in the upper right of the homepage. Please navigate to the Settings menu right now. And do the corresponding thing there.

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Step-3 Under your profile, select “your account” and do the following:Going to ‘Settings’ is the next logical step after the initial step of accessing the menu. Now select “Your Account” from the menu. It’s also the initial choice in the menu.

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Step-4 Now select your language from the list that appears when you click the “Language” tab’s arrow.To change the language of your account, go to the ‘Your Account’ page and click the ‘Language’ drop-down menu.

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Step-5 To change the language, just click the button below.Your account can be customized to use the language you choose. A long list of tongues will be available. Pick the language you feel most comfortable with.

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Step-6 Using the ‘Hindi’ language as an illustration:Let’s say we decide to learn Hindi. The entire Canva app will be updated to use the new language. It’s a great addition that makes the app even more convenient to use.

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And now you know how to switch the language in the Canva app. All in all, it was a breeze to do!

How many tongues does the Canva app support altogether?

Currently, Canva is available to users in around 100 different languages. You can’t beat that feature. The official languages of a number of countries are among these 100. As a bonus, Canva gets better and easier to use with each update. It is also improving with the addition of new features. In the future, it may also support additional languages for users.

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Are Multiple Language Switches Permitted?

How often you wish to switch languages is, of course, up to you. This is permitted without limitation. It simplifies the steps required to use the app, too. It’s very convenient for its users.

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