How to Change Name in Messenger Without Facebook

In need of the right tutorial to assist you in changing your messenger name apart from Facebook? Welcome to this post, where you will find a short but comprehensive explanation of everything you need to know. To change your Messenger for iOS username, open the app, then click on the profile picture in the upper right. If you click it, you’ll be able to edit your personal information, where you’ll find a “Name” field where you can make the necessary changes.

change name in messenger without facebook

Navigate to the “Account” menu, then “Username,” and make your desired changes before saving.

Send them a message from a different account and use a codename that represents an alternate persona. In contrast to having a global impact, this will have a negligible effect on just one person.

If you have both the Facebook and Messenger apps on your mobile device, you can change your Facebook handle without ever leaving the messaging service.

You can also update your Messenger profile picture without leaving the app. However, there is a plethora of additional functionality available in the iOS and Android versions of Facebook Messenger.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use the Messaging service to change your name, screen name, and friends’ nicknames.

Modify Your Name in Messenger Without Ever using Facebook

Choices are available to you:

1. Modify your name on Messenger from your smartphone

Using either the desktop app or the website, users of Facebook can make changes to their profiles.

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Changing your Facebook account’s username is the next step, which can be done through the Facebook app or, alternatively, through Messenger on your mobile device without ever logging into Facebook at all.

Changing your username in the Messenger app is as simple as logging in and following the steps below.

Step 1:Your first step is to launch Messenger on your mobile device and sign in with your credentials.

Step 2:To access the Messenger app’s features, select the profile icon (lower right) from the main screen.

change name in messenger without facebook

Step 3:To change your Facebook account settings, go to your profile and click the gear icon.

change name in messenger without facebook

Step 4:From the Account Settings menu, choose the “Personal information” option.

change name in messenger without facebook

Step 5:Then, after filling out the First Name and Last Name fields, select the “Review Change” tab to confirm the name. The file should then be checked and saved.

change name in messenger without facebook

Just like that, the problem is solved. Using this method, you can make a password for your Facebook account without ever leaving Messenger.

2. Modify Account name in Messaging App

Facebook accounts are identified by a unique number that is generated randomly by the Facebook system. However, if you’d like your account to stand out, you can change this.

The format of a username in a URL looks like this: username/*.

The most notable feature is the ability to change your username, which is accessible directly from your Messenger account.

To alter the label associated with your Messaging account, just follow these measures:

Step 1:Open the Messenger app and check your account status to make sure you are logged in.

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Step 2:Therefore, move your mouse to the top right corner of Messaging and click on the profile icon to enter your account.

Step 3:After creating a Messenger profile, a ‘Username’ field will become available.

Step 4:You can now see the current account name by selecting the “online name” option; this name must be deleted before a new one can be made. The new username will appear as soon as this process is complete, and only you will be able to save it if it is available.

How to Give Nicknames to Mates on Messenger

If you want to call your online pals by a different name, you can do so through the Messaging service by selecting any handle and then assigning it to friends in your conversation list. Both the Android and iOS platforms can be installed on both devices.

1. On iOS devices, assign Nicknames to Mates

It’s possible to see a list of the people in order of the nicknames you’ve given them on Messenger.

If you’re using an iOS device, follow along to figure out what needs to be done.

Step 1:Select the person whose Apple ID you’d like to modify, then tap on their name to enter their profile.

Step 2:The next option you’ll see on this friend’s page is a ‘Nicknames>’ drop-down menu. Using this function, people will be able to see the alias you go by.

Step 3:When you select this option, a dialogue box appears where you can enter the user name for the friend you’re adding.

Step 4:To make the changes permanent, enter the new nickname for the friend and then click the Save button.

With just one tap on your iPad or iPhone, you can update your friends’ monikers to something more fitting.

2. Add Nicknames to Android Mates:

If you’re using an Android device, altering your friends’ screen names within Messaging is a breeze. If you’re using an Android device, you can change your handle without even going to the account settings page. Instead, start a chat with a specific friend by opening the chat, tapping the buddy’s nickname, and selecting that friend.

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A detailed explanation of the process, step by step, follows.

Step 1:Locate the “three dots” in the upper right corner and press it.

change name in messenger without facebook

Step 2:Simply bumping that sign will bring up a menu from which you must select “Nicknames.” Enter the new name for that friend and then save the changes.

change name in messenger without facebook

This is the first and most important technique for successfully setting or changing the nickname from the Messaging app.

change name in messenger without facebook

Bottom Line

In this thread, we’ll talk about how to change your profile’s display name and username, as well as how to assign custom chat handles. By following the below steps, you can modify your aliases and usernames within your messaging service.


How do you change your Messenger username if you don’t use Facebook?

If you prefer not to use Facebook for Messaging, you can change your name by going to settings and clicking “Name.” Consequently, you can select the desired title and enter it here.

Where exactly can I find my Messenger ID?

Since every Messenger ID is different, there is no universal fix. You can find someone’s Messenger ID in a few different ways, such as by searching for the user’s name or by browsing your contact list or Facebook friends list.

Thirdly, how can you tell if someone is examining your Messenger?

You can’t tell if someone is peeking at your Messenger, but there are steps you can take to prevent this. Avoid doing things like leaving your phone out in the open or using the same messaging app for work and play. You can also adjust your settings so that your account is hidden from the general public.

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