How to Change Picture on Instagram Without Deleting It

Did you know that a picture of a dog was the first ever uploaded to Instagram? That’s right! The app’s co-creator, Kevin Systrom, snapped a photo of a stray dog outside a taco stand in Mexico and uploaded it with the word “test” as the only caption. About three months after the photo was uploaded, in October 2010, the app was made available to the general public.

change picture on instagram without deleting it

Instagram’s primary function is to allow users to share visual content in the form of photographs and video stories. The popularity of countless post formats shifts over time. Dump posts are popular right now on Instagram. A dump is a carousel post that has pictures that have nothing in common with each other. Yet, taken as a whole, these pictures reveal a certain style or season.

These slums also once faced a significant disadvantage. If there’s a photo on a dump that you don’t like, you can’t just pick it out and delete it. Either you delete the post and lose all the interaction and exposure it received, or you learn to live with it.

But not any longer. In Instagram’s latest update, you can now delete an individual photo from a carousel. Absolutely incredible, right?

Today’s post will address the question of whether or not Instagram allows users to edit their posts after they’ve been published. Keep reading to find out how to delete just one of the photos in an Instagram carousel post.

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Is it Possible to Change Picture on Instagram Without Deleting It?

Have you ever taken twenty photos in a single day, only to find that you ended up liking one of them? We’ve all been there, so try not to stress.

Sometimes we deliberate over a single photo for hours before deciding to post it, only to later decide we don’t like it after all. Right now, all we want to do is upload that one photo that everyone kept harping on us to upload but we kept putting it off.

We know how you feel if you’re in a jam just like ours. We wish there was a way to swap out photos on Instagram without losing comments and likes, but we can’t at the moment. Unfortunately, there isn’t a supplemental program or Chrome add-on that can assist you in this endeavor, either.

It’s not enough to simply think this is unfair; you have to recognize the many problems it creates. Now imagine someone uploads a stunning photo of a Parisian street. There are thousands of responses to the post, and many people have shared it. The following day, a hacked image that is deemed offensive or disturbing is posted in its place. What’s wrong with you?

Now that you know why Instagram doesn’t support this feature, you can read on to gain insight into other topics that may help you work around problems of a similar nature.

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How to Archive a Post on Instagram

Let’s say you’ve come to realize that you no longer enjoy one of your older posts. Perhaps it is too dated, perhaps the editing isn’t up to par, or perhaps your peers are making fun of you for watching it. Still, you feel conflicted about erasing the post because it brings back fond memories of a simpler time.

Rest assured, you’re not losing your mind. Instagram’s creators are also aware of this problem because they, like the rest of us, have been there. There is a function on Instagram calledArchive, where you can store all those old Instagram photos you no longer want to delete. It’s possible to unarchive posts from the archive and read them again at any time. Really, doesn’t that sound fantastic?

If you think this could be useful, keep reading to find out how to save photos from Instagram.

Step 1: Bring up Instagram on your mobile device and sign in.

Step 2: Find the button labeled “Share” in the screen’s lower right corner.In brief, here’s my bio:icon. Follow this link to access your messages.

change picture on instagram without deleting it

Step 3:Find the update that you want to save, then tap on it.

change picture on instagram without deleting it

Step 4:There will be a button with three dots next to your profile picture and your username. You should try tapping on it.

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change picture on instagram without deleting it

Step 5:Pick the desired option from the pop-up menu and then tap on it.Archive, and you can stop what you’re doing right now.

change picture on instagram without deleting it

How to Remove One Photo From a Carousel Post on Instagram

We discussed in great detail the Instagram function that allows you to remove a single photo from a carousel post. Now, let’s talk about the steps to take.

Follow steps 1 through 4 Select the carousel post containing the image you want to remove from the previous section.

Step 5:It’s recommended that you select “Preferences” from the resulting menu.Edit.

Step 6: The first picture has a tiny trash can icon in the upper left hand corner. If you swipe to the left, you’ll notice that the same icon appears next to every photo. Select the X next to the unwanted photo and tap it to delete it.

Step 7: Tap on Delete your next confirmation message, and you’ll be finished with this part.

change picture on instagram without deleting it

In the end

It’s time to wrap up this blog post by reviewing everything we covered today.

If you make a mistake when posting to Instagram, the only way to fix it is to delete the entire post and start over. It makes no sense and would only cause more issues to have this added. However, if you only want to remove one image from a carousel, we can do that for you.

If you’ve found our blog helpful, please let us know how in the comments section.

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