How to Change Someone’s Profile Picture on Whatsapp

Nobody should have to be told about Whatsapp. The app is widely used by social media users who want to maintain relationships with their loved ones. You can use this centralized location to update your loved ones on all of your plans, projects, and other endeavors. Since its initial release, Whatsapp has received continuous updates designed to make it easier to use and safer for its users.

change someone's whatsapp profile picture

Whatsapp’s many safety and privacy options make the app fun to use and safe for your communications. Whatsapp is a versatile app that can be used for work and play.

You’ll find a lot to like about Whatsapp if you’ve been using it for a while, and you’ll learn quickly about all of its cool features. There are a ton of fun things you can do on Whatsapp, from chatting with loved ones to updating your status with photos and videos.

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How, then, do you go about altering another person’s Whatsapp profile picture?

It could sound strange at first. But why, exactly, would anyone want to swap out someone else’s profile picture? Oddly enough, a lot of people enjoy doing that.

Can You Change Someone’s Profile Picture on Whatsapp?

It’s not possible, as far as we know, to alter a WhatsApp profile picture. When chatting with a friend on WhatsApp, you won’t find any option to alter their profile picture or make it your own. Changing your display picture to one that includes a friend is one option. Therefore, it will be visible to all.

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But there are means at your disposal that could prove useful in accomplishing that. Let’s look at some ways you can alter someone’s Whatsapp profile picture.

How to Change Someone’s Profile Picture on Whatsapp

Method 1: Do it Secretly On the Target’s Phone

Subtly altering a user’s profile picture on their mobile device is possible. Changing someone’s display picture is as easy as stealing their phone, searching for an appropriate picture, and uploading it. You or someone else from the user’s Whatsapp group will need to alert the user that they have a new profile picture before they will see it.

Changing the target’s profile picture in this way is a simple option. The only drawback is that physical proximity to the user is required to access their device. Additionally, if the target has secured their device with a password, gaining access will be an extremely difficult task. It’s not easy to change someone’s profile picture, even if you gain access to their phone. Only if you are friends with the person who uploaded the photos with you can you view them.

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Method 2: Ask them to Change their Profile Picture

You can only hope that your friend will agree to update their image. Why they shouldn’t keep using their current profile picture on Whatsapp and why you think they should switch instead. This is a tricky trick because the other person might not even think about what you’re asking. There is a good chance that the person you are suggesting it to will actually go ahead and change their profile picture if you suggest it to them.

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