How to Change TikTok Profile Picture: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

On TikTok, a user’s profile picture can be anything they want. You can use any photo from your device’s photo library or take a new one with the TikTok app to use as your profile picture. When other users do a search for your TikTok username, the image associated with your profile will appear. It’s a simple task to carry out. This piece will show you how to change your TikTok profile picture.

How to Change Profile Image on Tiktok

Steps to change profile picture on TikTok

  1. Go ahead and start the show:The release of TikTok is prerequisite. From the app drawer, select the app you want to use and tap it once to launch it. White music notes will serve as the symbol instead. The application’s feed section will be available right away.
    change profile picture on TikTok
  2. Go to the user profile by clicking on the following.The app’s feed is where you’ll likely find yourself first, but you’ll need to head to your profile before you can do anything useful. To proceed, click on the “person” icon. You can find this in the lower right corner of your screen. A single tap will take you to your TikTok profile. Our profiles and other content will be readily available for perusal upon your arrival.
    change profile picture on TikTok
  3. The “Profile Edit” link allows you to:Click the profile menu and then “edit profile” to proceed to the TikTok profile editing screen. You can customize your profile in many ways, including adding a bio, changing your username, and uploading a new profile picture. Find this button and press it once to activate.
    change profile picture on TikTok
  4. Select a photo of yourself under “Profile picture”:One tap will reveal your profile picture or video. One tap on the profile picture will select that person. You can then select a location to represent your profile. like a museum, a camera, etc. To use an already uploaded image as your profile picture, click the Gallery tab. Simply selecting the camera icon will allow you to take a picture.
    change profile picture on TikTok
  5. To change the background image, select it and then click “Set Picture.”When you tap the Gallery icon, your phone’s photo gallery will load. You’ll have to choose the image from the photos already saved to your mobile device. Simply locate the desired image and tap it once to select it. As soon as you add a new profile picture, TikTok will automatically refresh your profile picture preview to include it.
    change profile picture on TikTok
  6. Go here if you want to swap out your current profile picture.At that point, you can make adjustments to the preview before saving. All you have to do is click and drag the image in the direction you want it to go. In other words, you are free to move it to another location. When the image’s dimensions have been fine-tuned to meet your needs, click the “set” button.
    change profile picture on TikTok
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In order to update your TikTok profile picture on Android, please refer to these guidelines. In a short amount of time, you can have a new profile picture on TikTok. To change a user’s profile picture on TikTok, simply navigate to their profile and select the “edit profile” button.

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