How to change work location on Google maps: 7 Steps (With Pictures)

In the same way that you can add and update your home address, Google Maps also allows you to do the same for your workplace.

The Google Maps app includes a bookmarking feature that allows users to store frequently used addresses. Either a residential or a professional address is acceptable. Your contacts’ addresses won’t need to be entered every time you use the app. The app is improved by this feature. Google Maps allows you to also enter coordinates using latitude and longitude. The office is moving, so let’s check out how to get there on Google Maps.

How to Change work address on Google maps

Change work location on Google maps in 7 Steps

Step-1 Initiate app use on your gadget:Taking things slowly and steadily is essential. To get started, fire up Google Maps on your gadget of choice.

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Step-2 Select your account by clicking on it:You can access your Google Maps account from the menu in the top right corner. Select the baby adoption link.

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Step-3 To access the configuration menu:The preferences menu item can be found in the drop-down list. To continue, select the “Settings” menu item.

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Step-4 Select “Edit at Work” or “Edit at Home” to make the following changes:Then, select “Edit home or work” from the drop-down menu that appears.

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Step-5 Just hit the “3-dot” button:There will be a group of three dots next to the “Work” section of your application; click on them.

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Step-6 Select ‘Edit work’ to make changes.When you select the ellipsis (…), a menu will appear with additional choices. Click “Edit work” from the drop-down menu.

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The seventh step is to input your new “Work address.”You can now quickly and easily modify your business address by either typing it in or speaking it into the microphone.

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The map also serves as a tool for choosing a suitable place of employment.

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Google Maps: Why Do We Include an Address for the Office?

Location of Employment When you’re just starting out at a new job, Google Maps can be a huge help.

Adding your workplace’s address to Google Maps is as simple as entering that address once. Then, every time you use the map for work, you can simply select the appropriate option. This will ensure that you make it to the office on time.

May We Also Modify Our Google Maps Location?

As we’ve already established, Google Maps allows you to add your personal address.

This method is nearly as risk-free as the one described above. But in the final two steps, instead of changing your workplace address, you’ll be updating your residential address. You can add your home address in many different apps, including ones for food delivery, shopping, and more.

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Is there a way to bypass Google Maps’ tolls?

Use Google Maps to steer clear of any toll roads. The procedure is as follows:

  • Ignite the program in question.
  • Go ahead and use the search box.
  • Locate the precise spot on the map.
  • The ‘directions’ button becomes available when you tap the location.
  • Give your coordinates or the coordinates of your starting point.
  • Then, tap the symbol with three horizontal lines.
  • Select “route options” now.
  • To avoid paying tolls, select that option.

You can now embark upon your journey.

Turning on Location While Using Google Maps: How Crucial Is It?

In order to use Google Maps, you must first enable location services.

The Google Maps app requires a GPS receiver, and if your device doesn’t have one, you won’t be able to use it. It is crucial for this app to be able to detect your location.

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