How to Check and Delete Amazon Prime Watch History

Is it a priority to review and purge your Amazon watched items? Then follow this manual to success. However, in the desktop format. The majority of the time, we do not want our online viewing habits to be monitored. Justify it however you like. Clearing the viewing history is thus essential. You can even clear watch the next episode on Amazon Prime, in case you didn’t know. This can be annoying at times. And that means you should also clean it up!

Read on to learn how to access the same information from a mobile device.

Check and Delete Amazon Prime Watch History in 8 Steps

To begin, launch your chosen web browser.Launch your preferred web browser on your desktop or laptop. It can be any browser you like, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It’s still the same procedure.

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Second, launch Amazon Instant Video:Enter “Amazon Prime” into the search bar. Click on the image below to visit the official Prime Video link.

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Signing In, Third Step:The Amazon Prime Video homepage has loaded. A sign-in box appears in the top right corner. Just hit that link.

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Step 4: Input Your Login InformationIn order to access your existing Amazon Prime membership on the laptop, you must first log in. Put in your login details. If you activated Prime Video from a mobile device, that’s where the notification will appear. Give your laptop permission to access your Prime membership.

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Step-5 Select Log In and Allow:Here, you can log in and receive a mobile confirmation upon approval. Click the button that says “Allow” or “Approve” to let your computer register.

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Sixth, edit your profile’s photo and other settings.Check the screen’s upper right corner now. It’s where your tiny profile picture and name appear. Select that to access and clear your Amazon Prime viewing history.

Consequently, a sub-menu appears. Select “Account Settings” from that drop-down menu.

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Seventh, click the History button:To change your account settings, go to the Account Settings page. A “Watch History” menu option is available here. It’s up to you, you know! Select that menu item.

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Eighth Step: Remove Episodes from Your Watchlist What you’ve seen in the past is stored in the “watch history” section. You have the option to delete either the whole thing or just certain parts of it. Forget everything you’ve ever watched on Amazon Prime; it can all be deleted in this fashion.

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What’s the best way to go about this from my cell phone?

Regrettably, the mobile app does not provide a dedicated mechanism for erasing viewing activity. On the other hand, your video search history can be erased from your mobile device. To access your profile, select the corresponding button in the lower-right corner of the screen. In the top right, you’ll see a cog with the word “Settings” on it. Choose “clear video search history” from the drop-down menu. As a result, your search history will no longer be stored.

You can access Amazon Prime just as easily from your phone’s browser as you can from the Amazon Prime app. If you want to erase your mobile device’s search history, you can simply follow the same steps outlined here.

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What’s the best way to obfuscate videos on a mobile device?

In light of this, there is a method by which you can prevent others from viewing certain videos. Select the video, film, or TV show you don’t want others to see by holding down the long press button. It triggers a pop-up window to appear at the screen’s bottom. The ‘Hide this Video’ option is present in that group of choices. If you want to dismiss the video, just click on it.

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