How to Check if Someone Has Turned Off Their Active Status on Messenger

If you use Messenger or another social networking site, you may be familiar with the active now option. The presence of this green dot next to your chat or profile icon varies by platform. When you see this green dot, it typically means the user is paying attention to and participating in the app. The user can be considered active without making any social connections or using any specific features of the app.

check if someone turned off active status on messenger

Unfortunately, there are those who will mistake your “active” status for an open invitation to use your chat room or video call you whenever they please. While meeting up with old friends is often a pleasant experience, it can also be frustrating if you haven’t kept in touch with them.

Having a nosy neighbor who saw you doing something disturb your peaceful moment of solitude would be a nightmare.

As a result, there are times when we’d prefer to keep certain people from seeing our online status while we do our own thing or mindlessly browse.

Alternately, events could play out in the opposite direction. If you haven’t heard from some of your closest friends in a while, you might be wondering if they’ve simply turned off their messenger activity status. Do you find that thinking about things like this causes you anxiety?

Because of this, many people look up information on the internet, like how to tell if someone has disabled their active status on Messenger.

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We’ll be here to help you figure out the solutions to these problems as we go along, so don’t worry.

Why Can’t You See Someone’s Active Status on Messenger?

Messenger notifies your app contacts that you are currently online. Occasionally, when we check Messenger, we may find that a particular person’s online status isn’t accurately reflected. It’s possible that they are currently unavailable due to technical issues or other factors. If you keep noticing it, though, and it never actually activates, what then? Do you get the impression that something is off?

Therefore, there may be causes if you encounter this issue. It’s possible that they’ve blocked you, or at the very least turned off their Messenger “active” status. These are just a few of the explanations that could be at play here. No, Facebook’s privacy settings are extremely stringent, so there is no way to bypass them. However, as we continue with the blog, we will learn how to confirm or disprove this suspicion.

How to Check if Someone Has Turned Off Their Active Status on Messenger

1. Check Their Recent Activity on Facebook

Seeing what someone is up to via the Facebook app is possible even if you suspect they have intentionally turned off their activity status in Messenger. If they just posted something, even if it was a few minutes ago, like a photo or an update to their status, it’s likely that they’re online right now.

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If the green indicator of their online status isn’t there, however, that person has turned off their account. If you look at the posts they’ve liked and commented on, you might get a sense of who they are as a person on Facebook. In addition, knowing their general Facebook activity will give you peace of mind that they have not blocked you.

2. Send them Messages

Again, this is a great quality worth elaborating on. Although the exact number of people who are aware of this fact is unknown, Facebook Messenger does supportSeen feature. When you receive a message, you can let the sender know you’ve read it by opening the message and clicking the “I got it!” button.

Thus, you can use this method to determine if a user has deactivated their account if you have reason to believe they have done so. Alternately, you won’t be able to contact them if they’ve blocked you. That means you won’t be able to see when they were last online or if they’re currently using the app.

How to Turn Off Active Status on Messenger

Funny how we call apps like Facebook and Instagram “social media,” but we still try to shut out the world at times. However, it’s not necessarily a bad thing when everyone needs time alone occasionally. It’s a relief to know that Messenger is aware of this and gives us options like “active now” and “off” to allow us to temporarily disconnect from the outside world.

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You have probably already learned that inactive status can be set in Messenger. Many of us know about it and know how to go about doing it. Currently, it is being used by some of us in production apps. But if you’re uncertain, rest assured that assistance is just a message away.

We’ll start with the most common way people use Messenger today, which is to disable the active status on the mobile messenger app. Surely we don’t always carry our portable computers with us?

Step 1:Log in to the Facebook Messenger app on your mobile device.

Step 2:Visit the primaryChats page, then find yourprofileicon in the tab’s upper left corner.

Step 3:Find the icon and click on it.

Step 4:When you look for theIn Operationoption. To deactivate, move the grey toggle to the left. A confirmation message will pop up; please confirm theTurn off option.

Your online status will be concealed and your active status will be turned off temporarily.

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