How to Check YouTube History (Mobile/Desktop)

A quick search of your YouTube history is possible. YouTube keeps a user’s search history for a limited amount of time. Watching videos is another service the library provides.

The YouTube history of a user can be deleted at any time. The app’s library is where users can access all of their video viewing data.

Easily access your YouTube viewing history by following the steps outlined in this helpful guide.

How To View Watch History YouTube iPhone

4 Steps to Check YouTube History on the App

Method No. 1: Fire Up the YouTube AppLaunch the YouTube app on your chosen device. You can look for the app in your device’s search bar. Simply opening the app by clicking on its icon after you’ve located it.

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Method Two: Locate the Library IconThe Library tab can be accessed by scrolling down the main page. To access the library, select the bookcase icon in the lower right.

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In the third step, select the History tab.Please locate the History menu on the new page. It will be displayed at the very top of the page, just above the “your videos” option. Here’s a watch symbol; please click it.

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In the fourth step, you will access your past searches.If you’ve already searched for a video and want to find it again, just use the search bar up top. The appropriate dates will be included in every search.

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Can I Delete The Search History On YouTube?

YouTube’s mobile app has a delete button for clearing your search history. Simply access your profile settings and select the option to delete all search history.

You can also remove your search history selectively on YouTube. When viewing your YouTube search history, you can remove individual searches by clicking the ellipsis (…) next to the relevant entry.

After erasing your YouTube history, it will permanently be gone forever. This is why you need to give it some serious thought before removing it from your account.

Can I Remove Channels from Recommendation?

YouTube will typically suggest numerous new channels to you. In any case, you can always unsubscribe from a channel’s recommendations if you don’t want to see its content in your feed.

A “Don’t recommend this channel” option will appear when you hover over the channel’s video in your feed and select the “Three dots” menu. Any video can be removed from recommendations altogether.

Selecting the “not interested” option from the menu’s three dots will stop the recommendation of that particular video. Alternatives to these videos on the channel will be suggested to you.

If you don’t want to ever see any videos from a certain channel again, you can simply block them.

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Can I Change My Profile Picture on YouTube?

If you’re using the YouTube app, you can swap out your profile pic whenever you like. The user’s profile picture is initially set to a silhouette of the user.

One’s own photo can be substituted for the default in the profile edit screen. Choose an image from your library to represent yourself online.

You can use anything you like, from a selfie to a favorite quote, as your profile picture. YouTube’s profile settings are also where you can go to change your username.

A Note to Long-Time App Users

Most of us regularly tune in to YouTube clips at our leisure. The most recent video we watched can easily be forgotten. We’d like to watch it again, but we can’t recall the name; luckily, we can just look it up in our YouTube history.

Let’s look into how YouTube’s history can be accessed.

How to steps to check YouTube history on Desktop

  1. Simply launch your preferred web browser and read on!Bring up your chosen web browser.
    check YouTube history
  2. Throw open YouTube and you’ll see:Launch YouTube and log in with your Gmail address.
    check YouTube history
  3. Invoke the past by selecting the “history” tab:In the library, select the ‘history’ menu item located in the upper left. Recently viewed videos on YouTube can be retrieved here.
    check YouTube history
  4. Simply select the “search history” option:Just look for the little arrow that says “search history” and click that.
    You can check out your YouTube history, including how many channels you’ve watched and what you’ve been searching for, in this section.
    check YouTube history
    You can redo a search and immediately access the results on YouTube.
  5. Just hit the “comments” tab:To review your most recent remarks on videos, select the “comment” tab.
    check YouTube history
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This is how you access YouTube’s back catalog. The videos can be removed from your search history. Simply look for a “cross” on the right side of the video to begin your search.

How to check YouTube history through mobile App

You can also access your YouTube history from the YouTube app on your mobile device. YouTube is pre-installed on Android devices, but iOS users will need to get the app from the App Store.

  1. To access YouTube, open this:Launch the YouTube mobile app and log in using your Google Account.
    check YouTube history
  2. Select “library”:To access your library, select it from the menu that appears in the bottom right corner and then tap on it.
    check YouTube history
  3. Simply select “history”:Choose the “history” tab to look back at the videos you’ve seen on YouTube.
    check YouTube history
  4. Go to the tab for searching:To find a specific video, use the “watch history” option in the “search” bar. Past video viewing history can be searched in this section.
    check YouTube history

When you go to your library, the most recently viewed items will be front and center. By swiping to the right or left, you’ll find the full catalog of videos. Using this method, you can look through YouTube’s archive.

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