How to Create edu Email for Free (Updated) email is an email address that has been provided by a school or university to its students and employees. This is the standard email sent to accepted students by universities in the United States.

create .edu email for free

But what if you aren’t currently enrolled in an academic institution, or if your school doesn’t offer email addresses?

This article will show you how to get a email address even if you’re not a student.

These methods are identical to those used to produce free edu emails.

Reasons to Create edu Email Free

There are a lot of companies that offer free services and discounts to students by using their EDU email addresses. Students benefit from numerous freebies and discounts after receiving these email addresses from their schools.

Top 5 Companies Offering Free Services to College Students

1. Autodesk

Student benefit greatly from the large number of free software licenses provided by Autodesk. The licenses and software can be downloaded for free if you register on their website with email address.

create edu email for free

When you log in to the Autodesk website, the Education Community option will appear in a drop-down menu on the right.

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On the following page, you’ll be prompted to enter information such as your name, address, date of birth, education level, and more. Filling out your credentials, College/University, etc., is required to finish the registration process. The free software will be available for download after you receive a confirmation email from Autodesk.

2. Google G Suite for Education

Students can sign up for a G Suite Education Account on Google and receive 5 terabytes of storage space.

create edu email for free

Students who have an EDU email account can store a large number of files, including videos, images, and ebooks, without worrying about space constraints.

3. Microsoft Office and Azure

Microsoft’s EDU account holders can get access to a wide variety of free software, including Office 365, that can be used in the classroom. An azure student account is available, and it comes with $100 in free credit for the student.

create edu email for free

4. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers students a 50% discount on a yearly membership. There are also a number of discounts and deals available.

create edu email for free

5. Github Student Developer Pack

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The GitHub Student Developer Pack, valued at over $1000, is available for request. In addition to the features and support that come standard with an EDU email account, GitHub offers a number of additional advantages for educational institutions.

create edu email for free

How to Create edu Email for Free

Method 1: Create a Free Edu Email on OpenCCC

  • Go to Opencccbecause of the email address.
  • Select E-mail Account Creation to get started.

create .edu email for free

  • Please provide accurate information if you are a citizen of the United States.
  • In that case, you can either make up a fake Californian’s information yourself using the Fake Address Generator or fill in the blanks with whatever you like.

create .edu email for free

  • Type in your name and surname. Answer “No” to “I don’t have the middle name,” “Do you have a previous name,” and “Do you have a preferred name,” if you don’t.

create .edu email for free

  • In order to qualify for an EDU email address, your age must be entered between 20 and 23. If the age of the fake name you’ve generated is greater than 23, you should probably make it younger.

create .edu email for free

  • To enter a false SSN, select “Yes, I have a social security number or taxpayer identification number” and then fill out the appropriate fields.

create .edu email for free

  • Type in your name, US phone number, and email address. Open the Phone Number Generator if you need a US telephone number. Don’t enter anything for the second number of phone calls.

create .edu email for free

  • Give the full street number of your permanent home in addition to the generated postal code. If you’re good with that, select the next option. If you see the message “The street address you entered does not appear to be a valid address,” and you’re sure it’s correct, click the box to indicate that it is.

create .edu email for free

  • Pick a login name and a secure password. Make sure your account is safe by setting up a 4-digit PIN.

create .edu email for free

  • Click the “Create Account” button after answering some arbitrary security questions.

create .edu email for free

  • Simply pick a school from the drop-down menu and then click the “Apply now” button.
  • Complete the remaining fields, double-check your work, and then click the “Submit My Application” button.
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Wait a few days, and an email with your login information will arrive in your inbox at no cost to you from an educational institution.

Method 2: Edu Email Generator by iStaunch

  • Bring up iStaunch’s EDU Email Generator in your web browser.
  • One’s own email address is required.
  • And then, hit the “create” button.
  • That’s it; in a few days, you’ll have a email address.

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