How to Delete Amazon Order History : 8 Steps (with Pictures)

While Amazon does not officially offer a “Delete Amazon Order History” option, there are workarounds that can be used to conceal one’s purchase history. Everything you buy from the well-known online retailer Amazon can be tracked. To view your previous purchases, simply follow the on-screen prompts in the App.

It is possible to conceal your order details and history from the app. Your order information and history will be hidden from view. Your very first order can be found in the Amazon app’s order history.

  • The App makes this possible with just a few clicks.
  • This article will walk you through the necessary procedures so that you can quickly and easily clear your order history regardless of where you happen to be.
  • Following these easy-to-understand and picture-filled instructions, you’ll be able to shop on the Amazon app with ease.

In order to remove your purchases from the Amazon app, please follow these steps:

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How to delete amazon order history (Video)

Delete Amazon Order History : 8 Steps

The First Step: Launch Your BrowserYou’ll need to fire up a browser of your choosing before you can get to Amazon, though. If your device isn’t already connected to the internet, do so now; otherwise, you won’t see any results from this step.

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Second, go to by going to your browser’s address bar and typing “amazon” into it. To see results, click the “Search” button after you’ve typed some text. The official Amazon website has gone live.

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Third, select the three-dot button.Make sure you’re logged into your Amazon account before you begin shopping once you’ve opened the site. If you already have an account, please sign in. After signing in, select the menu option marked by three dots ( ) in the site’s upper left corner.

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Option 4: Click “Order”:The options menu appears after you click the three dots. In this case, “Orders” could be a potential selection. To proceed with that choice, please click here.

image titled Delete Amazon History Order step 4

Click the three dots button (Step 5)The process could be complicated if you try to complete it on a mobile device. Tap the three dots next to the address bar in the top right corner of your screen to fix the problems.

image titled Delete Amazon History Order step 5

Click the “Desktop site” option in Step 6.Select “Desktop site” from the menu that appears after you tap the three dots. If you want to use your mobile device like a computer, you’ll need to select that menu item.

image titled Delete Amazon History Order step 6

Seventh, select “Archive Order” by clicking the appropriate button.The next step is to hide an order by scrolling down the screen to it. After arriving at that page, select the “Archive Order” menu item. To keep your order secret from the app, select this option.

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Method 8: Select “Archive Order”When you select “Archive Order,” a window will appear letting you know that Amazon allows you to store up to 500 archived orders. Finally, select “Archive Order” from the drop-down menu to conceal your order. Also, the status of your order is currently Secret.

image titled Delete Amazon History Order step 8

These easy steps will allow you to hide your order history from any prying eyes. While you cannot completely remove your order history from the Amazon app, you can put it into a hidden archive. The archived order will disappear from your list of orders after you take this action. This information will be concealed as a result.

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