How to Delete Amazon Wish List: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

In a few easy steps, you can remove items from your Amazon wishlist.

It is unclear what motivates Amazon to create so many different wish lists. I imagine that the various Amazon apps and devices create entirely new wish lists rather than adding to the existing one. To illustrate, when you add a book to your Amazon Kindle wish list, it actually generates its own unique list.
The holiday season is upon us, making the Amazon wish list more useful than ever. If you check your Amazon wish lists, however, you might find more than one.

Let’s dive right in and find out how to remove items from your Amazon wish list. We’ll take it slow and easy to help you learn the ropes.

How to delete an Amazon Wishlist (Video)

Delete Amazon Wish List in 7 simple steps.

Launch the Amazon app.Find your mobile device’s Amazon app icon first. But if you can’t find the Amazon app icon, you can always get it from the Google Play Store.

  • Visit the Google Play Marketplace. To get the app, just type “Amazon” into the search bar and hit the “download” button.
  • If you prefer, you can launch Google Chrome and then navigate to directly.
  • The app’s loading time will increase dramatically if your network connection is poor.
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Second, click the “three dots” button down below.When you launch the Amazon app, you’ll be taken directly to the Amazon homepage. A special button with three dots in the bottom right corner can be found on that homepage alone. Click the three dots as shown in the image below to remove an item from your wishlist.

Image titled Delete Amazon Wish List- 2

Third, select “Your stuff” by tapping its tab.Options are now displayed on your screen. Click the “Your Items” button, as shown in the image. Brown cardboard with the Amazon logo appears to be the packaging material.

Image titled Delete Amazon Wish List-3

Fourth, select “Your wish list” from the menu.To proceed, select the “Your Wish List” option that appears after clicking the “Your Things” icon.

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Fifth, click the up arrow (three dots) to continue.You’ll be presented with your grocery list. The next step is to click the three dots in the top right corner of your Chrome browser, as shown here. Open the menu by tapping the “three dots” button.

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Click the “delete list” button (6th step)Here you can see a complete list of all the shopping lists that have been created. Scroll down and delete the unnecessary items from your wish list. The list can be removed by selecting it and then clicking the “Delete List” button.

Image titled Delete Amazon Wish List-6

To confirm, go to Step 7 and press the “Yes” button.After that, Amazon will ask you, “Are you sure you want to delete this list?” to make sure you really want to get rid of it. You can continue by selecting the “Yes” option. At this point, your wish list will be removed. Very little effort was required. was not the case, if you recall.

Image titled Delete Amazon Wish List-7

It’s common knowledge that during sales we tend to compile quite the wish list, making it difficult to locate the exact item we had in mind to purchase. If you take the time to categorize your wish list, you’ll find that it helps you stay on top of things. Learn more about Amazon’s delivered orders and how to delete them here.

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