How to Delete Instagram Account Without Password, Email or Phone Number

Instagram account deletion could be motivated by a number of factors. The list of potential problems is endless: nosy relatives, cyberbullying, an old Instagram account that begs to be deleted, or being locked out of the app. Once a decision has been made, it is often helpful to be able to start over and forget the past.

delete instagram account without password and email

It’s one thing to decide to delete your Instagram account, but it’s a whole other ballgame if you’ve forgotten your email address or password.

To permanently close your Instagram account, you’ll need to enter your login information. It’s easy to see how losing access to your email account or your password would be a major setback.

Have you exhausted all the potential previous passwords without success? Maybe you’re just losing your patience because nothing seems to be helping.

Instagram, interestingly enough, is aware of how frequently we misplace our login information. It has also added a number of helpful extra features that will come in handy in the future.

As a result, we want to reassure you that you can relax knowing that we will always have your back.

How to permanently remove your Instagram account and all of its content without knowing the account’s password is detailed here. In fact, you’ll also find a comprehensive tutorial on how to remove an Instagram profile without knowing the associated email address or password.

How to Delete Instagram Account Without Password or Email

1. Instagram Help Centre

In the first place, we’d like to stress that there might not be any quick fixes to this problem. In the event that the initially proposed solution is not feasible, we will do everything in our power to find a solution that meets your needs.

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If you need any help with Instagram, you can always visit their help page. Follow this link to access Instagram’s browser-based help system. Obtaining aI want to know how to permanently remove my Instagram account.a potential choice in this case. You should click that link because it will tell you how to delete your account forever.

To help you figure out what to do in your specific situation, it will guide you through each step. It provides you with simple, straightforward advice that can help you get ahead.

To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1:Release theFor Instagram Help, Visit:using Chrome on your Android or iOS device. Select the correspondingThree-Line Symbolin the upper right hand corner.

delete instagram account without password and email

Step 2:A nav bar or menu will pop up. You can find the available choices in thisTake Control of Your Account.

delete instagram account without password and email

Step 3:Follow that link to go to the Account Management screen. The link is in theTurn off Your Accountat home withinPreferences for Alerts section.

delete instagram account without password and email

Step 4:Please choose theTo ask Instagram how to permanently remove your the event that you have decided to permanently remove your account. Choose the first option if you just want to deactivate your account for a little while.

delete instagram account without password and email

Step 5:Look below for thePut in a request to have your account deleted forever.part, then select theGet Rid of Your Profile link.

delete instagram account without password and email

Step 6:The following step requires you to enter your login information; to continue, click theDiscarded Password option.

delete instagram account without password and email

Step 7:To log in, fill out the required fields with either your username, email address, or phone number, then click theProvide Access Code.

delete instagram account without password and email

Step 8:Your email or phone number will be used to send you a link to reset your password.

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delete instagram account without password and email

Step 9:Select theAccess Code To Reset Your Passwordhave been sent to your inbox or phone. Please note that you will be taken directly to the password reset page. Change the password by typing it in and clicking theChanging Your Password button.

delete instagram account without password and email

Step 10:Go back to the page where you deleted your account and click thePlease Cancel Your Accountconnect like in the picture below. A sign-in prompt will appear. You can log in by entering your Username, Phone Number, or Email Address and Password.

delete instagram account without password and email

Step 11: Tap on When asked, “Why do you want to delete,” one might respond, “because.”drop-down menu containing a set of explanations will appear.

delete instagram account without password and email

Step 12:Choose the correct justification from the drop-down menu. To simplify things, just go with the defaultIt’s Hard to Get Started.

delete instagram account without password and email

Step 13:Put in the code you were given and click theDelete button. You’re all done; your account has been removed successfully.

delete instagram account without password and email

But remember, everything you’ve ever saved is still on the server somewhere. Simply logging in within the next month will reactivate your account.

2. Your Email/Username to the Rescue 

Trying to figure out how to permanently delete your Instagram account and you get stuck? Does the phone number you provided on registration not work anymore? Having your email address available is very helpful. Using these credentials, you can reclaim your Instagram account.

Here we’ll go over the procedures you’ll need to take in order to get your account back online after a hack.

Step 1: To begin the process, please visit the official app or website, where you will find theNo Longer Have Access To This Passwordtap, click on it; tab it.

Step 2:In the following window, provide your username or Email if prompted to do so.

Step 3: Select Message to Sendto change your password in order to access the system. After taking this action, the app will send a link to the specified email address, where you can then change the password.

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Step 4:By clicking the provided link, you can alter the current password.

To regain access to your Instagram account, simply dial the restoration number.

I take it you no longer use your email address? One catch: you need to have given your phone number when you signed up for Instagram. It would be helpful if you had the number on you right now.

3. Take advantage of Your Instagram linked with Facebook

Recently, a number of Instagram users have stopped connecting their service with Facebook. It’s not necessary for them to have an internalized rationale. But if you ever end up in a sticky situation like this, it will save your life. This is the means by which your account can be restored.

If you’re ready to take this next step, read up on the fundamentals and then go on the hunt forRenewalby clicking the Facebook login button. Then, you can change your password and tap “Next.”Resetin order to finish what needs to be finished.

4. Navigate the Delete Your Account Section on Instagram

Using one of the three options, have you successfully unlocked the code to access your account? Since deleting accounts isn’t supported in the official app, it’s time to sign in through a web browser.

If you’re looking for a place to rest yourArm yourself with a delete buttonwebpage, you’ll find aFor what reason are you closing your account?segment, alongside a selectable submenu. You’ll be asked to specify your reasons for leaving the app here. Retype your password and select your exit reason. Next, choose an option.I want to close my account for good.for good and all.

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