How to Delete Instagram Highlights: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Your profile will reflect any stories you’ve highlighted. Fortunately, Instagram makes it simple to remove highlights. Do you not know what highlights are because you are new to Instagram Stories? I’ll try to explain. Instagram stories typically disappear after 24 hours. Your post will be visible for up to 24 hours after you initially publish it to anyone on your follower list. Let’s say we really like it and want to keep it for a while longer.

  • In this case, the spotlight is on.
  • Each and every one of your Instagram stories is eligible for highlighting at any time.
  • Your profile is updated to include highlighted stories.
  • This means that anyone who visits your profile, no matter how long ago you last updated it, will be able to see the highlights of any stories you’ve posted.
  • If you no longer want your Instagram highlights, you can remove them in four simple steps.
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How to Delete Highlights On Instagaram

Delete Instagram Highlights: 4 Steps

Initial Procedure: Launch the Instagram App:You’ve probably heard of the app Instagram if you’re willing to delete highlights. To begin the instructions, please open it.

  • If for some reason you’ve deleted the Instagram app from your device, you can reinstall it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store at no cost.
  • Remember to enter your login information before proceeding.

Image titled Delete Instagram Highlights step 1

Click the Profile Icon in Step 2:Now, after logging into Instagram, select the profile icon, as demonstrated below. All of your account details are available to you there.

  • You can add a highlight reel to your profile.
  • Thus, these highlights will always be visible alongside your profile picture and bio when someone views your profile.

Image titled Delete Instagram Highlights step 2

Step 3: Press and Hold Selected HighlightsHighlights can be removed from Instagram by doing a long press on the highlight you want to remove. When you do this, a menu of options appears at the screen’s bottom.

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Image titled Delete Instagram Highlights step 3

Fourth, select “Delete Highlight”:Select the option that allows you to remove the highlight from the list. All of the highlighting will be removed.

  • There are a couple of different routes you can take to remove a highlighted item from your list of favorites.
  • The highlight is still there; you just have to go to the individual story to remove it.

Image titled Delete Instagram Highlights step 4

By accessing it from your profile, you can remove individual stories from the highlight. Multiple stories would have been highlighted if you had done that. To get rid of a specific story or stories, scroll through your highlights and tap on them.

  • In certain cases, you’ll see a “three dots” menu option in a story.
  • To the right of the bottom corner, it can be seen in what appears to be a broken vertical line.
  • Only two choices exist in this case. The first option is the share-to-option, and the second is the dot-option. As a result, there will be no misunderstandings.
  • A drop-down menu can be accessed by selecting the “more” button (three dots).
  • The first option in that drop-down menu is labeled “Remove from Highlight.”
  • The typeface is a vibrant shade of red. If you select it, that piece of content will be removed from your list of highlights.
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In this way, you can erase the entire highlight at once or pick out a specific story within the highlight for removal. Improve your Instagram presence by following these guidelines as needed. If you want to keep up with Instagram, you can learn how to edit photos, alter highlight covers, broadcast live, and much more.

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