How to Delete Label in Gmail App in iPhone : 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Labels are a useful feature in Gmail that allow you to organize your messages in specific ways. If you decide the labels are unnecessary, however, you’ll need to find a way to delete them from the Gmail app on your iPhone. If you don’t want labels on your map, Google Maps has that option too. It takes no more than 8 clicks in Gmail to remove a label. Let’s take a look at the steps involved.

Delete Labels in Gmail

Delete Label in Gmail App on iPhone in 8 Steps

Launch Gmail first:Let’s start by looking at our Gmail inbox on the iPhone. Please add this app to your mobile device if you haven’t already.

  • It’s time to launch the App Store.
  • Simply open your browser and look for the “Gmail” search bar.
  • Simple click the “Install” button to get it.
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Step Two: Click the “More” link in the menu.To see additional content, click the “More” button in the upper left corner of the screen. There’s a button that looks like a hamburger menu and, when clicked, reveals the drop-down selections.

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Step Three: Click the “Settings” Menu.In the last submenu of the drop-down menu, you’ll find the ‘Settings option. Choose ‘Settings’ from the menu to go to the configuration page.

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Step 4 is where you’ll find the option to customize your inbox with your own preferences. ”Next, adjust the following in ‘Settings,’ as shown below:

  • The “INBOX” folder should be your first stop.
  • Select “Inbox customizations” from the INBOX pull-down menu’s second selection.
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Fifth, click the “Labels” option.Select the third tab labeled “Labels” in Inbox Customizations.

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The last, sixth stage is as follows: Take off the Tag.If you only want to remove a single label, you can simply select it and press the delete button.

Additionally, if your inbox contains multiple labels, select the label(s) you wish to remove.

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Step-7 To delete a user’s account, use the Delete Username option.Here’s a handy screenshot showing you where to find the “Delete Name” button at the bottom of the names, which you can use to remove unwanted entries.

Image titled Delete Label in Gmail App in iPhone Step 7

The Eighth Step: Select “Delete” from the Menu Bar:Last but not least, the Gmail app will display a “Delete Name?” prompt before permanently erasing the label. Here, you’ll find two buttons labeled “Delete” that you can use to permanently remove the label.

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The aforementioned eighth through fourteenth steps are easy and uncomplicated. Just read them if you need to know how to delete labels from the Gmail app on your iPhone.


When using the Gmail app, am I able to edit a label?

The Gmail mobile app does not allow users to alter the predefined label settings.

No matter which version of Gmail you use—the mobile app or the desktop version—you won’t be able to alter the names of existing labels.

Can I remove folders from my iPhone’s Gmail inbox?

Any of your own personal folders can be deleted from your inbox in Gmail. There are some folders already built into the app that you cannot delete.

  • Social
  • Promotions
  • Primary
  • Trash
  • Spam
  • Sent
  • Stars and other honors have been bestowed upon them.

How do I bulk delete labels in Google Mail?

Delete every level of folders at once from the Gmail app by selecting all labels in Step 6. Now, you can simply delete them.

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If I remove a label from Gmail by mistake, what will happen?

If you delete a label in the Gmail app by mistake, you can’t get it back.

Remember that once you delete the label, it will no longer appear in Google’s search results. As of right now, there is no way to revert back to your old label. An alternate option is to create your own label.

How Distinctly Distinct Are Gmail Labels and Folders?

Like physical filing cabinets, Gmail folders let you categorize and access your messages and attachments quickly and easily. Every employee needs to master the art of using folders in Gmail. In contrast, labels can be used to further categorize these files in much the same way that tags would.


To get rid of a label in the Gmail app on the iPhone, all you had to do was tap the label. Exactly why are you stalling? Launch Gmail and experiment with disabling the label there.

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