How to Delete Messages on Messenger from Both Sides

Facebook has released a “delete for everyone” feature for its Messenger app. Both iOS and Android users can take advantage of this choice right now. The update, which has been discussed for some time, is finally live for users in Bolivia, Poland, Lithuania, India, and other Asian countries. There’s a 10-minute window in which you can use the unsend message function.

delete facebook messenger messages from both sides

Avoid panicking if you later come to regret a Facebook Messenger message you sent. You can still change the situation for the better. Maybe you gave the wrong person the message. Perhaps you felt you were being unfairly critical of that person. It’s possible you’re worried that the recipient will show your message to a friend or colleague. If you take immediate action, you can fix the situation.

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Facebook posts can be extremely personal, to the point where you wouldn’t want just anyone to see them. The two of you might indulge in some juicy rumor mill talk, for instance.

You’d rather not have any details of this discussion made public. Instead of relying on the other party to delete the conversation, you should do so yourself.

Here, you’ll find instructions for permanently erasing Messenger conversations on both ends.

How to Delete Messages on Messenger from Both Sides

  • Get on Messenger by starting the app and signing in.
  • To remove a conversational exchange from both parties’ screens, simply launch the chat and navigate to the message in question.
  • Please wait three seconds after tapping the message.

delete messenger messages from both sides

  • If you tap the Remove option, a new window will open with further customization choices.

delete messenger messages from both sides

  • “Who is it that you want to have this message deleted?” Choose the Cancel Sending button.

delete messenger messages from both sides

  • Both copies of the message have been deleted; however, it is possible that they will be included in any report of this conversation.

delete messenger messages from both sides

  • A second message, “You unsent a message,” will appear to confirm your action.

delete messenger messages from both sides

However, a note explaining that you removed the message will be sent to the recipient. The note can’t be hidden, unfortunately. The recipient will know you deleted their message from your inbox.

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The Messenger app’s “You unsent a message” alert can be turned off at any time. However, this will not prevent the message from appearing in the recipient’s chat history. You can only delete the note from your conversation log. It will still be visible to other people in the chat room, though.

Parting Remarks:

The Number One Rule is to never send a message that you will later come to regret. Avoid sending anything that could land you in hot water. Keep in mind that the recipient may have already taken a screenshot of the conversation even if you successfully use the unsend option.

Many Facebook users were relieved to learn they could retract previously sent messages. However, you won’t be able to select this option until 6 months after the messages were originally sent. Posts on Facebook that are older than six months cannot be deleted. The only option is to politely ask the recipient to delete the messages.

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