How to Delete Multiple Messages on Messenger: 5 Quick Steps

Only Facebook friends can use Messenger, and you can delete multiple messages at once. In some cases, the volume of messages received steadily rises and eventually becomes overwhelming. It has the potential to throw us off. When chatting with a group, it can be easy for one person’s message to get lost amongst the din of everyone else’s. You can avoid this by erasing multiple messages at once in any given conversation. Let’s get moving.

How To Delete All Messenger Messages (At Once)

Delete Multiple Messages on Messenger: 5 Steps

To begin, launch the program:By this point, I assume you are already familiar with the Messenger app and are considering its use for erasing messages. Find it in your phone’s search bar and launch it.

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Second, Pick Your Message:Once the messenger app has finished loading, you can sign in if you were previously logged out. You can enter your login information by using either your phone number or your Facebook username and password.

  • Next, access the conversation whose messages you wish to remove.
  • To find the desired individual or collective, simply type their name into the search bar.
  • After locating the unwanted message, simply click on it to delete it.
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Step 3: Select the Object to DiscardLocate the conversation containing the unwanted message, and then press and hold down for several seconds. When you do this, a menu of choices appears at the system’s bottom.

  • In this case, they are reply, copy, forward, and delete.
  • Select the messages you wish to remove, and then click Remove.
  • You can delete the other person’s message by selecting one of the four options displayed at the bottom of the screen: reply, copy, forward, and more.
  • Selecting “more” will reveal the “remove” option in the screen’s focal point.

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Select Remove for You in the fourth step.There are two choices when using the delete button. Either cancel the send or delete it yourself.

  • When you unsent an email, it disappeared from the recipient’s inbox and from the recipient’s inbox forever.
  • Then select “remove for you” from the menu.

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5. Select the option marked “Remove:”There will be a second confirmation step after you select the “remove for you” button. Select “Remove” from that menu as well.

  • To delete all messages, you must follow these steps again.
  • In this manner, you can erase a number of messages at once from Messenger.
  • In case you forgot, erasing a message from your device happens when you select the ‘remove for you’ option.
  • You can still read each other’s messages so long as you use the same messenger.
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To permanently delete a conversation, click the chat head. Select “Delete” from the drop-down menu that appears. You can archive a conversation in Messenger if you want to keep the messages but not see them at the top of your inbox. In this way, you can rest assured that your messages are completely separate from any other messages and are available for viewing at any time.

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