How to Delete TikTok Videos on Android: 6 Quick Steps

Is it your intention to remove that video from TikTok? If you want to remove a video from TikTok, here’s how to do it. If you’ve decided you don’t like the video you just uploaded, found an error, or have another reason for wanting to remove it, you can do so. Here’s what you need to do to remove a video from TikTok. This is a straightforward process with straightforward steps. It’s important to remember that once a video has been removed from your account, nobody will be able to watch it again.

How to Delete TikTok Videos Quickly

Steps to Delete TikTok Videos

Here’s what you need to do to remove a video you uploaded:

Step One: Debut TikTok:Get started by opening the TikTok app. Find the TikTok app in your device’s file manager. A musical note icon, in white. It only takes one tap to unlock it. Your account’s Feed tab will open up immediately.

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delete TikTok videos

2. View your profile by clicking hereIt will launch in the feed section, so you’ll need to navigate to your profile manually. Select the “person” icon (located in the screen’s lower right corner). All of the videos you’ve uploaded to your profile will appear.

delete TikTok videos

3. Launch the unwanted video:The videos you’ve uploaded will appear in a scrollable list on your profile page. Find the video you want to get rid of here and click on it to watch it. Simply tapping on it will play the video.

delete TikTok videos

4. Select the menu with three dots:There are a few choices once you open the video, over on the right. Choose from several different options, including “comment,” “like,” etc. When you hover your mouse below the comment section, you’ll see a menu with three dots. The Menu appears here. One tap opens the menu.

delete TikTok videos

Delete it by clicking the “Delete” button.A menu button brings up a selection panel with two rows of choices. The video controls are located in the second row. The “delete” button is where you’ll want to look. In order to do this, swipe from right to left within that menu. The delete button is located at the very end. A miniature trash can or dustbin icon will stand in for the delete button. Make a single tap on it. A little confirming dialog box will pop up.

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delete TikTok videos

Select “Delete” in Step 6:When you try to remove a video, a dialog box will appear to ensure that you really want to do so. Select “delete” from the two options. The recording will be erased immediately.

delete TikTok videos

A user’s TikTok videos can be removed by following the aforementioned procedures. To remove a video, simply log into your account, play the clip, and then select “Delete” from the drop-down menu. To remove videos from your TikTok account, you need not go through any elaborate steps.

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