How to Delete Uber Driver Account: 9 Easy Step

Using the Uber app on your smartphone, you can get luxurious rides at affordable prices. The Uber app bridges the gap between the driver-partner and the passengers.

Every driver for Uber has their own account, so they can start earning money right away by taking people where they need to go.

Whenever a customer needs a ride, an Uber driver can provide it for them. Just like the Uber app for passengers, this one makes it easy to see where you need to go and how to get there.

Based on their schedules and availability, the driver and partners can provide services in different cities.

Anytime a driver or business partner has a good reason, they can request that their Uber account be deleted.

Once the request is processed, the account will be deactivated and deleted within a month.

We’ve laid out two methods for terminating your Uber driver account:
How to Delete Your Uber Driver Account Via the Mobile App
How to Delete Your Uber Driver Account Online

To begin, we’ll examine the simplest approach, which is

“Deleting Uber Account with App”

To quickly and easily cancel your account, just follow these instructions on your mobile device.
First, launch the Uber app:Start by launching the Uber app on your mobile device.
2. Login:Verify that you have entered your login information correctly.
3. Enter your login information :If you are not already logged in, please create an account by providing the requested information.
The fourth step is to select the top leftOnce you see three parallel lines in the upper left corner of the screen, click on them.
After number five, the list will display:There will be a drop-down menu with about four or five choices.
Click the “Help” button, number 6.There’s a Help button down below; select it.
Seven additional choices will show up:When selecting that option, additional choices will be presented.
To make a payment or view your account information, go to Step 8 and select “Account and Payment.”When you select that option, another menu of choices will show up when you click it.
Nine, go to “Account Settings and Ratings”:Select this and move forward with the process.
10. Select “Delete my Uber account”:Following the preceding action, a menu of choices will become available, Choose “Delete my Uber account” from the drop-down menu.
11. Select the affirmative button:If you’re certain, click “yes” when asked by Uber to confirm.
12 Share Information Box:In the “Share details” field, explain why you’re deleting your account.
Click the “Submit” button (#13):When you’re finished, you can hit the submit button.
14 Reasons for Account Deactivation:A deactivation of the account occurs as soon as you click the Submit button.
Please be aware that while your Uber account will be temporarily disabled right away, it may take up to 30 days for the account to be deleted completely.

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Let’s move on to the second approach or method to

‘Delete Uber is Using the Website’

If you no longer wish to be an Uber Driver, you can cancel your account through the Uber website by following the on-screen prompts.
First, go to the Strictly Official website:Uber’s main page can be accessed at
Join Us!In order to sign in, select the sign in link that appears in the top right corner of the screen.
3. Select the “Help” option:To continue, select the Help link that has just appeared on the homepage.
The fourth option is to choose the driver option.Select the For driver link that appears on the page’s left side.
Fifth, choose “More:”Choose the menu item that appears immediately beneath the Account and Payment menu item.
6. Select the option “Delete my Uber Account”When you get to the next page, scroll down to where it says “Delete my Uber account,” and then click that.
When prompted, select the yes option 7:When asked if you’re sure you want to delete your Uber driver account, select “yes” from Uber’s confirmation prompt.
8. Commentary:Next, in the Share details feild, explain why you want to cancel your Uber subscription.
9. Your membership has been terminated.
Worth noting:After you fill out the form and send it to Uber, your account will be deactivated, but it may take up to 30 days for your information to actually be deleted.

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Listed below are the solutions to the few most frequently asked questions by our users.
How do I invite a driver to my Uber account?
It’s easy to add a new driver to your account. Just stick to these easy instructions:
First, open the Menu and select the Driver tab.
2. Select “Add Driver” from the menu.
Third, complete the required fields, and you will be finished.
Bear in mind:The prospective driver must already have an Uber account and meet all qualifications to be added.
How do I update my Uber contact information with a new phone number?
A. Navigate to the menu located in the upper left corner of the screen. Go to your account’s settings and then click “edit my account” to make changes to your personal information and change your Uber phone number.

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