How to Delete Uber History: 13 Simple Steps

Uber is a widely used app because it provides a convenient and affordable transportation alternative. All of your past rides with Uber are stored in the app, along with your credit card and payment information, pickup and drop-off locations, phone numbers, and more.

What kind of data does Uber give us access to?

You can find out everything you need to know about your Uber ride in one convenient place. The Uber app makes it easy to find any and all information you need about the company and its services with a single tap.

Is there a way to get it?

Users can sign up as drivers or passengers to gain access to the service’s full details and capabilities. Those who have decided to discontinue using the Uber service can now do so with ease, along with their entire ride history, account information, and app.

To what extent do I have access to my past records?

To better protect its users’ personal information, Uber now includes privacy options. The new configuration allows you to retrieve all of your historic location and other data.

While in the past you would have had to get in touch with the Uber team and go through other procedures, now you can simply delete your account within 30 days of deactivation.

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Instructions on how to permanently remove your Uber account are provided below.

  • The complete record of every ride, every passenger, and every driver is kept in the Uber history.
  • Information such as name, address, email address, phone number, account password, and so on are all included in the record.
  • In the payment details, you will find information regarding all of the purchases made with the credit card.
  • Detailed information such as travel itineraries, schedules, and costs associated with any services contracted for are provided.
  • Uber records are also removed from the system 30 days after an account is deleted.
  • Uber’s data retention practices are consistent with their stated privacy commitments.

In addition, you can learn what you need to know about clearing your Uber record by reading the Rules.

  • Users can cancel their Uber subscription by logging into the app or website.
  • Before canceling your Uber account, be sure to remove any linked credit cards.
    Don’t use the app again within 30 days of having your Uber account deactivated.
  • When you cancel your account, it’s gone for good.
  • When you cancel your Uber account, all of your information associated with it will be deleted as well.
  • All necessary data will be stored with them in accordance with their data retention policy.
  • The data Uber stores is done so lawfully and serves legitimate business needs.
  • Additionally, riders have the option to contact Uber support via phone and request that their ride history be removed.
  • Users can now delete their accounts entirely within the most recent version of the Uber app.
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Here are some easy steps that you can follow in order to delete the Uber History.

1. Launch the Uber app: To begin, launch the Uber app on your mobile device.
Second, log in:Input your email address, phone number, and password to access your account.
Then, on the top left, click:Click the three horizontal lines at the very top of the screen.
4. Menu:After selecting “Payment,” “Trips,” “Help,” “Free Rides,” and “Settings,” a menu with these options and more will appear on the screen.
5. Select the “Help” option:Please select the Help menu item and continue.
6. Select “Account and Payments”A drop-down menu will appear after you select the “help” tab; select “Account and payment” from this menu.
Access your profile edits by selecting the seventh option, “Changing my account settings”Next, select “Changing my account settings” from the drop-down menu that appears.
The eighth step is to select “Delete my Uber Account”:Next, select “Delete my Uber Account” from the drop-down menu that appears after Step 2.
Option for providing comments #9.It’s time to give them the data they need to cancel your Uber account.
Terminated in 10:After you have provided some feedback, they will immediately disable your account.
Deleted Sentence No. 11:Following 30 days of inactivity, your Uber account will be deleted permanently.
Don’t forget the past:After 30 days, all information associated with your Uber account will be deleted permanently.
Partially Remembered Data:For legitimate business purposes, Uber does legally and securely store some information under their privacy policy.

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Please get in touch with the Uber staff if you have any further questions or wish to cancel your account.

Concerning erasing their Uber history, many riders have the following questions:
How long does it take to permanently cancel my Uber account?
Ans.Disabling your Uber account takes effect immediately, and your account will be deleted permanently 30 days later.
What happens to my Uber account if I delete it?
Ans.In the event that your Uber account is deleted permanently, you can use the same phone number to sign up for a new account. A person is not allowed to have two accounts with the same number. You will also lose any credits associated with any accounts you delete.

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