How to Delete Your Address on Amazon App: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Having trouble uninstalling the Amazon digital Address Step? Do you know that in just a few easy steps, you can get rid of your Amazon digital address? The convenience of having your purchases shipped directly to your home has made online retailer Amazon a household name. An Amazon digital address step can be easily removed or updated. In this piece, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily remove your Amazon digital address. So relax and take pleasure in it.

The procedure to remove an Amazon digital address is as follows:

How to Delete your Address on Amazon (2022)

Delete Amazon Address Step: 7 Simple steps

First, launch the Amazon app.Start by launching the Amazon app. Can’t get the Amazon app to load?

  • The Amazon app’s icon is a happy-faced carton.
  • Get a fast internet connection set up on your device.
  • It’s best to give it a few minutes of downtime before giving it another shot.
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image titled  Delete Amazon Digital Address Step 1

Second, click the “three dots” link down below.When you launch the Amazon app, you’ll be taken straight to the retail giant’s homepage.

  • A number of buttons and menus can be found on that main page.
  • If you scroll down to the right corner of your screen, you’ll see a button with three dots on it.
  • You can move forward by tapping the three-dot button.
How to Delete Amazon Digital Address Step 2

Third, select “Your stuff” by tapping on the corresponding button.After completing the preceding step, you will be able to delete your digital address.

  • Some new icons have appeared on the screen, and a new page has loaded.
  • Locate the “Your things” tab by scrolling down the page.
  • To proceed, please click that icon.
How to Delete Amazon Digital Address Step 3

To get started, go to the account page by clicking “Your Account” in Step 4.When you click on that icon, a drop-down menu will appear; in it, look for a section labeled “Your Account” and click on it. Select that alternative.

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How to Delete Amazon Digital Address Step4

Action 5: Select “Your Addresses”You’ll be taken to a new screen after selecting that option.

  • There will be several subsections on the new page.
  • Within “Account Settings,” there’s a subsection labeled “Your Addresses.”
  • Select that alternative.
How to Delete Amazon Digital Address Step 5

Click the “Remove” button (6th step)Your addresses will be displayed on a new page that will load automatically.

  • There are two choices available below each address:
  • In this case, “Remove” could be a choice.
  • That’s the button you’ll need to tap to skip the “Enter your Amazon digital address here” section.
How to Delete Amazon Digital Address Step 6

Option 7: Select the “Yes” button.When you delete something, a confirmation window will appear after you tap the “Remove” button. In this process, we have reached the final stage. If you’d rather skip the Amazon digital address step, you can do so by selecting this menu option.

How to Delete Amazon Digital Address Step 7

Now that you know how to remove the Amazon Digital Address Step, you can do so. These instructions are extremely straightforward and even include illustrations to help you along the way. As a result of reading this, you should now be an expert at skipping the “Amazon Address” step. You may also be interested in our guide on how to remove credit card information from an Amazon account.

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