How to Download Instagram Chat (Export Instagram Chat to PDF)

Instagram’s rise to fame as one of the world’s most popular social media platforms has been meteoric. Instagram has a ton of cool stuff to check out and play with. There are a number of scenarios in which you might want to retrieve deleted Instagram DMs from your archive.

download instagram direct message history

Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide a simple way to save DMs. The user’s media files, videos, and DMs can all be downloaded at their request, though.

You can easily export Instagram DMs to PDF and learn how to do so in this post.

OK, let’s check this out.

How to Download Instagram Chat (Export Instagram Chat to PDF)

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Although there isn’t a button to tap to download DMs, Instagram does offer a way for users to ask for their message archive.

How to do it is as follows:

  • Get Instagram going by signing in.
  • Click the profile picture at the bottom of the screen to access your profile.

download instagram direct messages

  • Then, move your mouse to the right-hand menu bar and press the “three dots” button.

download instagram direct messages

  • Select Settings from the menu that appears.

download instagram direct messages

  • Choose Security once you’ve been taken to the settings page.

download instagram direct messages

  • Find the option labeled “Download Data” toward the bottom of the page and click on it.

download instagram direct messages

  • To have the files emailed to you, type in your email address and then click the Request Download button.

download instagram direct messages

  • Once you’ve entered the password and clicked “Next,” you’ll be able to move on.

download instagram direct messages

  • The requested information will be sent to your email address within 48 hours. To save the information as a Zip file, click the Download button.

download instagram direct messages

Note:Make sure you only access it from your computer or mobile device, as this data is highly confidential.

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How to Export Instagram Chat to PDF

  • To begin, get the latest version of theAs the Editor-in-Chief, Json Genieyou can download an app to your phone.
  • Unpack the Instagram data archive you just downloaded.
  • Launch Json Genie (Editor).
  • Find the Instagram messages folder on your computer. json.

download instagram direct messages

  • Here you will find the most famous Instagram DMs of all time.

download instagram direct messages

Instagram Chat Download | How To Read Instagram Messages From The Start

As a Closing Remarks:

You don’t need any other method to successfully save Instagram DMs to your device. Third-party apps are worth a shot if you’re still having trouble or if only part of your chat history downloads. Third-party apps’ primary flaw is that they don’t perform reliably. Try them out cautiously.

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