How to Find Deleted TikTok Videos: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Trash bin videos from TikTok can be recovered. You read that right. The number of videos available on Tiktok is staggering. You could find some videos on your profile that are no longer relevant to your needs. That, or the video’s poor quality was the reason you eventually gave up on it. However, you may change your mind about erasing those Tiktok videos eventually. Well, you can acquire them by following the procedures outlined in this manual. Make sure you’re up-to-date on the Tiktok app as well. Newer versions of the app, including Tiktok, perform better as a result.

Find Deleted TikTok Videos With 4 Easy Steps

Start by downloading and opening the TikTok app.Make sure the Tiktok app is no longer present on your device before you begin.

  • Tiktok is now available in the Google Play store, in case you decide you want to reinstall it.
  • Just tap the app’s icon.
  • Afterwards, launch the Tiktok program.
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Second, select “Profile” by tapping on it.Launching the Tiktok app brings up the main menu.

  • The bottom taskbar provides access to a wide range of settings.
  • The Profile tab is where you’ll need to be.
  • The next step is to pick the mouse.
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Step 3: Select the “heart” icon:After you get to your account page.

  • You can access many different icons and settings from that location.
  • Now, locate the icon depicting a heart.
  • Simply open it by tapping on it.
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Step-4 The video that was accidentally erased will play for you, minus the accompanying likes and photos.Get all of your removed videos from Tiktok right here.

  • No photos or likes will be displayed on them.
  • Any video can be viewed by clicking on it.
  • As a result, I will explain how to recover your lost Tiktok videos.
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Can Old Videos That I Removed From My Tiktok Account Be Posted Again?

If you’ve had videos removed from your Tiktok account, you can upload them again. Tiktok has a policy against restoring previously removed videos. However, it’s possible that you won’t get as many views on the same video as you did the first time around. Success on Tiktok can change depending on whether or not the video is reposted.

Can A Tiktok video is deleted, and you edit it while you wait. Making It Available Again?

When reposting a video that was previously deleted from Tiktok, you can make changes. Tiktok videos can be edited to include or exclude whatever information serves your purposes. Here’s a chance to give your Tiktok videos a boost in popularity.

The TikTok app does allow you to log out.

Your Tiktok account can be easily closed at any time. After a brief hiatus, you can start using the Tiktok app again without any problems.

  • You can also take as much time as you like away from the Tiktok app.
  • It’s time to sign in to the Tiktok app once more. For security reasons, Tiktok only allows logins with the registered email id or phone number associated with your account.
  • Furthermore, you may alter your password or forget your password, making it impossible to access your account.
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Another Approach

Sometimes you forget that you uploaded a video to TikTok and then later realize that you really wanted to watch it. If you follow the steps below, you should have no trouble recovering old TikTok clips.

The following is a comprehensive guide that will show you how to recover videos that have been removed from TikTok. Even after you’ve removed them, you can still see them. If you follow the instructions below, you should be fine.

How To Recover Deleted TikTok Videos

Steps to find deleted TikTok videos:

First, download and open TikTok:To begin, locate the black icon of a music note on your Android device. This is the official logo for the TikTok app. The app can be quickly opened by tapping on the icon.find deleted tiktok videos

2. Select your Profile and then:At the very bottom right of the main TikTok page, you’ll find the “Profile” button. There’ll be a silhouette of a human and the word “me” underneath. Tap on it, and your TikTok page will load.find deleted tiktok videos

The third step is to access drafts:There is a lock and key symbol next to the heart icon on your profile. This is where you’ll find any unfinished videos you’ve been working on. Any prerecorded clips you’ve made are immediately accessible via a single tap on the icon.find deleted tiktok videos

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Watch the video at 4If you accidentally deleted a video and later decide you want to watch it, you can now easily find it and restore it. All you have to do is click the movie. A broken video camera icon indicates deleted footage.

find deleted tiktok videos

Five, click the share button:Once the video loads, there will be a share button on the right. To send it to someone else or save it to your collection, just tap the arrow button.find deleted tiktok videos

6. Select “Save video:”The “save video” button allows you to copy the clip to your device’s gallery. Multiple social media outlets allow for sharing. To use Whatsapp to send a video, for instance, just open the app by tapping its icon.find deleted tiktok videos

7 Visit your photo album:You can quit TikTok after you’ve saved the clip to your device’s gallery. View the video in your phone’s gallery right now.find deleted tiktok videos

Click on the Videos #8:You can watch the video you exported from tiktok by tapping on it in your gallery.

find deleted tiktok videos

Tap the video to watch it:Video files stored on your phone’s internal memory will be displayed. Just open the TikTok video we downloaded and play it.find deleted tiktok videos

Therefore, the deleted TikTok video can be viewed on the phone and shared with whoever you like. You go as far as re-uploading it to the TikTok app.

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