How to Find Someone Free of Charge

One of the most frequently searched-for topics online, how to find people online for free receives millions of daily searches. All over the world, people are trying to find things like their own birth certificates, information about a potential business partner, the owner of a particular phone number, additional family tree records, and so on.

find someone free of charge

If you’ve lost touch with someone and want to find out more about them or get in touch with them again, using one of the top free people finders is a great place to start.

Phone numbers, addresses, names, individual files, government files, and more can all be researched. Actually, there is a plethora of data about individuals that can be found online.

Research shows that, despite the rising risks, people are increasingly willing to disclose personally identifiable information (such as their names, contact phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses) online.

This bodes well for your ability, as a private investigator on your own time, to conduct a free search that yields results and learn as much as you can.

There may seem to be a lot of people finders to choose from on the web today, but not all of them are reliable. You can get a good idea of what to expect from people-searching services by checking out a few of the most well-known and highly-rated ones.

Below is a list of information that, if followed, will lead you to a free resource.

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How to Find Someone Free of Charge

As a first step in any investigation, a free people search engine is the best option available. Although there is a plethora of them on the web, we have sorted through them all to bring you only the best, most reliable, and most importantly, free, people search sites.

Some examples are the free Yahoo people search, the free white pages, the free USA people search, the free true people search, the free Zabasearch, the free 411, and many others.

1. Whitepages

More than fifty million people each month use, making it the largest monthly visitor total of any website. It does not charge users anything for using its most fundamental features. Get the most accurate results by including the person’s full name, city, state, or zip code.

find someone free of charge

However, the database makes it possible to search with minimal input. People can be looked up by either their full name, just their last name, or both their full name and their state of residence.

For example, you can get people’s full names (including middle initials), landline phone numbers, complete street addresses, and, in many cases, the names of their primary family members, all for free.

You don’t have to create an account or provide your email address to use’s essential free people search. As a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company has earned an A rating. The Windows Club, a digital and tech review, is just one of many websites and bloggers to praise for its ease of use in locating basic personal information.

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For a monthly fee of $5, you can do as many as 20 searches on This service provides extensive information.

2. TruePeopleSearch

The public can conduct people searches on without having to pay anything. Find out someone’s whereabouts, phone number, or email by performing a reverse lookup.

If you choose to search by name, and you know the city, state, or zip code, you can use that information to refine your results.

find someone free of charge

At first glance, the search interface appears clean and uncluttered, but once you click to view your results, you will see advertisements on the page. Free search results may include the person’s given name, age, and other related names like a maiden name.

The extensive lists of potential relatives and even possible associates, in addition to the complete lists of previous addresses, make this people finder stand out. Sponsored results for background checks are included on the results page, but memberships or additional paid results are not available on this website.

Makes Use Of claims that this site is one of the top 12 places to meet new people online, based on the recommendations of bloggers and reviewers. According to MUO, the website provided comprehensive results, the best of which included both name and location.

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3. Reverse People Search

To that end, once you’ve located the appropriate people finders, perform a reverse people search on them. Finding someone by their name is an example of this, as is using one piece of information to obtain another piece of information about someone.

Using this method, you can essentially locate a person using just their name and birthday, as well as their phone number (e.g., 855 527 9387), email address, social security number, street address, and/or phone number. Input the information you have, like a name, into a search engine to get a detailed report about the person you’re looking for.

4. Google People Search

Google’s people search is a great resource for finding people and learning more about them without having to pay anything, and we all know that Google is the best search engine in the world for accessing information instantly.

Putting the name of the person you’re looking for in quotation marks, using the “Advanced Search” feature, and even the “Images Search” feature can all help you zero in on the right results. The Big G has one major drawback in comparison to specialized finders: it can only search open, publicly accessible websites.

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