How to Find Someone on Twitter by Phone Number (Updated)

Discover a Twitter Account Using a Phone Number.Connecting with new people and expanding your social circle is facilitated by expanding your online network. Twitter is a mini-blogging social networking platform that enables users to meet new people, stay in touch with old ones, and communicate quickly and efficiently with their friends, family, and coworkers.

find someone on twitter by phone number

Retweeting short pieces of information, news, and ideas on Twitter can lead to a shift in how people think about the world. The richest man in the world entrusted control of his empire to a young teenager. Everything that matters in the world happens here. It guaranteed service to those who meet your age requirements.

Using a person’s name is a quick way to narrow down your search results on Twitter. Simply enter their usernames into the search bar to see a complete index of all accounts with that identifier.

But what if the user you’re trying to reach has already signed up, but with a different username than you expected?

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Or, suppose they use a particularly obscure username.

Finding someone by their username could be extremely challenging if you don’t know their full name.

Don’t fret, though; your worries are over.

Twitter’s “Discoverability and Contacts” feature recently made it possible to locate users through their unlisted phone numbers.

If you have a phone number for the target, you can use that to find their Twitter account.

It’s a bit more involved than doing a simple name search on Twitter, but iStaunch has laid out all the steps for you.

This article will teach you how to track down a Twitter profile using only a phone number.

How to Find Someone on Twitter by Phone Number (Search Twitter by Phone Number)

  • Launch Twitter on your mobile device and sign in.
  • To begin using the app, please log in and then clickStatus Symbolup there, at the very top of the display.

find someone on twitter by phone number

  • Click the link down below.Controls and Personal Information Protection option.

find someone on twitter by phone number

  • Click on Intimacy and Security(Control what you see and what you share on Twitter) as depicted in the image below.

find someone on twitter by phone number

  • Choose NextAbility to Make Connections and Be FoundHandle your privacy and contact imports.

find someone on twitter by phone number

  • Permit theMaintain a consistent set of phone numbers and addressesToggling this switch will cause your phone’s address book contacts to be automatically uploaded to Twitter.

find someone on twitter by phone number

  • Remember that if you disable syncing, your previously uploaded contacts will remain there. The uploading of new contacts is merely halted.
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  • Upon activating, theSync your phone’s address bookTo access your Twitter account, just launch Chrome.
  • Visit theObtainability and social networking page.

find someone on twitter by phone number

  • You can find it by scrolling down and clicking on theContacts Management option.

find someone on twitter by phone number

  • Check that your password is correctby keying in your account’s password and clicking the Confirm button.

find someone on twitter by phone number

  • After that, a directory of your phone’s contacts who also use Twitter will appear.

find someone on twitter by phone number

However, this option is only available to Twitter users who have enabled the “find us using our mobile number” feature. An individual who has not activated this feature may be impossible to find.

Closing Remarks

Twitter’s integration with Truecaller makes it possible for users to contact one another directly through their Truecaller phone numbers. But you need to link your Twitter account with Truecaller for this to function. If you need a quick method of communication, this is a great choice.

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