How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Instagram

“I’m counting on you to surprise me with something wonderful for my birthday.” Let’s say you have a close friend on Instagram and they send you a direct message on their birthday, but you have no idea when it is. Afraid, right? Um, not necessarily. As human beings, we are prone to forgetting important dates like birthdays; after all, we can’t possibly keep track of everyone we know’s birthdays. For this reason, lots of folks keep diaries or link up their calendars.

find someone's birthday on instagram

Instagram requires you to enter your birthday when creating an account, but it doesn’t share this information with anyone. Though helpful when looking up your own birthday on Instagram, this can be a major hassle when trying to find someone else’s.

Do you ever feel lost when attempting to find a person’s birthday on Instagram? We’ve come to help, though.

We can’t promise you’ll find it, but we can suggest some places to look.

Read on to discover the many ways that Instagram can be used to determine a person’s birthday.

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Instagram

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1. Check for it on their Bio

If you were to look at the profiles of ten Instagram users at this very moment, we guarantee that at least one of them would have the following in their bio:

On April 24th, I like to blow out candles.

Gifts should be sent to me on November 19th.

Today is February 12th, according to the kanji.

find someone's birthday on instagram

Or something similar that can help you determine an accurate birth date. Thus, it is not unusual for Instagram profiles to include the users’ ages. Then you’re in luck if they’re one of those people and you meet this person!

It’s very simple to look up someone’s birthday in their profile. Accessing yourExplore tab, type their username into the top search bar, then clickenter. To view a person’s profile and check for the aforementioned details, tap on their name in the search results and then on their profile name. A person’s bio appears directly under their name in the “About” section of their profile.

2. Go Through the Posts on Their Profile

If you’re still reading this, we’ll assume you couldn’t find their birthday in their bio and move on. Don’t give up hope just yet; we have a few more cards to play. If you can’t find their birthday anywhere else, the next best place to look is in their posts.

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Even if they don’t regularly use Instagram, most people will share a birthday-related photo, whether it’s of them in their new birthday threads, them slicing into a cake, or something else entirely.

You have a better chance of learning about someone’s birthday if you regularly check their posts for any indication that it is approaching. Depending on the user’s posting habits and account age, this could take anywhere from ten minutes to a few hours.

find someone's birthday on instagram

Don’t immediately assume it was their birthday if you come across a post about a celebration related to that day; some users also post pictures from their birthday 1-2 days later. Before deciding on a date, it’s a good idea to read the comments and examine the photos for further clues.

3. Do They Make Story Highlights? If So, Check Them All

So, it seems that you also were unable to locate any posts that directly related to their birthday. If they tend to post more frequently to Instagram Stories, that might be the best place to look for them.

Now I shall explain to you what an Instagram user who regularly posts Stories is like. Have you ever (virtually) come across someone who has only two or three posts on their profile but loads up their stories with dozens of photos and videos they seem to have taken at random? Rather than documenting them in a more permanent place, like the posts, these users prefer to capture and share (upload) spontaneous memories on their profile.

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Highlights of stories that are meaningful to these users are often posted at the top of their profiles, under their biographies. If you think this person might be similar to that, you should definitely read some of the highlights of their life. After all, it’s possible that you’d be surprised at how simple it would be to determine their birthday from that.

Bottom Line

Today, we covered the process of locating a user’s Instagram birthday. Instagram’s commitment to user privacy means that such details will not be publicly available there. However, there are some obvious places where you can hope to learn about a user’s birthday, such as their bio, posts, and story highlights.

A bit later, we also talked about changing your own Instagram birthday, and the instructions for doing so are included in the blog. Don’t be shy about letting us know in the comments section if our blog post helped you find a solution to a problem you were having.

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