How to Find Someone’s Real Name on Snapchat

As a result of Snapchat, it’s simpler than ever to stay in touch with loved ones and share life’s most memorable moments with people you’ve never met. Anyone can be your friend on Snapchat, whether you’ve met in person or not. If you’re looking for a friend or a new chat buddy, Snapchat has you covered. Providing they accept your friend request, that is a breeze on Snapchat.

find someone's real name on snapchat

The anonymity provided by the app’s design allows users to express themselves freely. Perhaps this explains why Snapchat has recently become so widely used.

You can instantly communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world to have conversations, share information, and form relationships. That’s a loaded question, because the answer could be anything.

It’s thrilling if you’ve ever connected with a complete stranger in this way. As you strike up a conversation with a total stranger online, you can experience the thrill of not knowing much about them and not feeling obligated to reveal much about yourself.

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Even though the mystery is exciting at first, there comes a point when you need answers.

If a user is unwilling to share certain details about themselves, the app will not reveal any additional information.

However, if the user chooses to display their name, it is easy to discover their true identity on Snapchat.

This tutorial will teach Snapchat beginners how to look up a user by their username and discover their true identity on the app.

What is Snapchat Username?

When creating an account on Snapchat, you’re given the option to select a custom username. You have the option of using alphabetic characters, numeric characters, and even special characters.

Assuming that the combination you want to use as your username is available, the platform will let you do so. If someone else is already using that particular string of characters, you won’t be able to claim it as your own.

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In order to register for Snapchat, you will need to use a different string of letters and numbers, and you can use Snapchat Username Availability to see if a potential username is taken.

Your real name need not be included in this username. It’s open to the public, so other users can see it and find you.

How to Find Someone’s Real Name on Snapchat

  • Start up the Snapchat app and sign in.
  • To view your list of friends, navigate to your profile.

find someone's real name on snapchat

  • Discover the person whose true identity you seek by locating their profile.

find someone's real name on snapchat

  • Their given name follows if it is known to the public. Their identity is either publicly visible or hidden behind strict privacy controls.

find someone's real name on snapchat

Users can change their privacy settings to prevent their usernames from being visible to anyone. To what extent, then, is dependent upon the user’s privacy settings.

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If a Snapchat user does not want their username or real name displayed, that is their prerogative and Snapchat will honor it. There’s no prohibition against directly and politely asking them, though.

There are no workarounds, and even Snapchat servers will not have the information that a user does not want to share because the platform places a premium on users’ privacy and freedom.

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