How to Fix Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt

Today, nearly everyone has at least one social media account (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.). Although many of us rely on these services on a regular basis, some of us are always concerned about their security. Spam, phishing, and other forms of electronic harassment continue to make us question our personal security. Instagram, in particular now, is thriving and constantly releasing new versions. Some users of this platform, however, continue to encounter troubling security issues.

fix suspicious login attempt on instagram

Celebrities and influencers frequently posting that they’ve been hacked on Instagram are a prime example. That’s right; it’s not just them who experience this. The problems you’re having are shared by others. While this problem has been plaguing Instagram users, new security measures such as two-factor authentication have been introduced to help address it. If you enable this feature, your account will be doubly secure.

Fear and frustration are natural responses when someone tries to access your account without your knowledge or consent. If you found yourself in one of those predicaments, you would look for a way out with all haste.

In case Instagram alerted you to a suspicious login attempt, we’d like to let you know that the solution you’re looking for can be found in this post. Because we’ll be looking at the root causes, potential solutions, and preventative measures in today’s post. Without further ado, let us begin implementing the fix.

What Could be Possible Reason Behind Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt?

Is the status of your Instagram account leaving you baffled? Confused about the meaning of “We detected an unusual login attempt” on Instagram? Don’t stress out; we’ve got this. First, let’s figure out what “suspicious login attempt” means in context.

fix suspicious login attempt on instagram

Instagram alerts you to a potentially malicious login attempt because it is concerned about the safety of your account and thinks something may be amiss with your login history. There are two main causes for Instagram to display this alert.

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1. Unusual Sign-in Attempt

Instagram will flag a new login attempt from an unusual location as suspicious, whether it’s made by you or someone else. This message will be displayed the first time you launch Instagram because the app is unable to tell who is trying to log in and who isn’t.

You will receive this alert message even if you are the one who logged in from a different location, for your own security. If it isn’t you, though, and instead someone else, you’ve got an issue on your hands.

2. If an Unauthorized User Attempted to Log In

In the event that you were not the one to attempt login, it is possible that an unauthorized third party is attempting to gain access to your account. Avoid getting worked up. You are not alone; many Instagram accounts have been compromised recently. The fact that you’ve received this alert is a warning that your account security has been compromised; we’ll go over how to fix this in the next section.

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3. Did You Happen to Use a VPN? 

Instagram may have displayed this message for a third reason: if you attempted to log in to your account via a virtual private network (VPN) before accessing the app or website. A new IP address is to blame for this development. Instagram flags activity as suspicious if there is a sudden switch from one IP address to another that is associated with a different country or location. If that’s the case, all you have to do is pressI was the one who said it.options Instagram gives you when sending a message.

The three primary causes for this alert are as follows. You shouldn’t freak out or worry if the latter is the case. If any of the above apply to you, then you need to take immediate action. So, without further ado, let’s dive into what you can do to fix this problem.

How to Fix Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt

The security of your account can be ensured before we move forward with the steps. In the coming days, we will walk you through the steps necessary to resolve this issue and provide insight into how to prevent a recurrence. Let’s jump right into the meat of the matter.

Step 1:Fire up Instagram on your mobile device. If you’ve already signed in, you’ll see this message the next time you launch the app.

The gist of the message is as follows We saw a suspicious login attempt. Help us prevent unauthorized access to your account by verifying whether or not this was you on the device used to try to log in.

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Step 2:There will be two buttons at the bottom of your screen. You can only use this button if you are currently logged in.In a nutshell, I was this option. If you suspect that someone else has tried to access your account, click onthis wasn’t me option.

Step 3:When you use theNo, I didn’t do this.when you click that option, you’ll be taken to the page where you can alter the password. A new password can be created in that section. Use a complicated, difficult-to-guess password this time.

Yes, that’s the last word. Any user currently logged into your account will be immediately logged out if you change your password.

A Few Closing Remarks:

The blog has now come to a close. In this post, we addressed a major problem encountered by the vast majority of Instagram users and offered suggestions for resolving it. The following is a short review of the material covered.

We started by speculating on the various causes for receiving this Instagram notification. Second, we gave you detailed instructions on how to resolve the issue. Last but not least, we’ve covered two preventative measures to use in the future. Since nobody wants to go through this aggravating situation again. Please let us know if this blog post was helpful in resolving your issue. Furthermore, you can check out our other blogs to find answers to other Instagram-related problems.

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